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Auntie s Naughty Boys

Hank Faber

Hank Faber

Auntie s Naughty Boys

Chapter 1

… pussy just like that. Actually, until this moment, Herb, who was fifteen years old, had never seen a cunt in the flesh before.

"Listen-if you wanted to see my snatch, why didn't you just ask, instead of dislocating your eyeballs trying to catch a flash?" Julie said and opened her knees wider so that her fat, hairy cunt lips gaped, and the moist, pink slices of inner flesh showed. "Haven't you ever seen a twat before?"

Herb blinked. His cock had grown so stiff that it hurt. Good grief! He could see everything, even her asshole, pink and puckered. His prick swelled until he thought it would burst out of his Boy Scout uniform shorts. With embarrassment, he saw Julie was looking right at the wet spot where the tip of his rock-hard rod showed under the khaki cloth. He tried to look away from what she was showing him, but the gaping girl-crack drew his eyes like a magnet.

"I guess you haven't," Julie said.

"W-w-w-hat?" Herb stammered. "Haven't what?" His throat was dry and his heart hammered in his chest. Did she want him to fuck her?

"Come over here, Herbie," Julie said slowly.

Herb couldn't straighten up. His prick throbbed under his tightly stretched Boy Scout shorts as he bent forward and hopped over to the couch where his girl cousin was calmly spreading her cunt lips for him.

"Might as well get a good close look, if this is your first time, Herbie. Here, sit on the floor. You can get your face up close. It won't bite you." Julie slid her ass forward so that her quim was right under Herb's nose.

He squatted before his cousin, his eyes level with the top of her glistening slit. He could smell a strange, wild, clean, but definitely girl odor. Mygosh! He was smelling a girl's cunt!