Harry Stevens

Suck-happy family


Janet Hall spread her thighs, held the mirror between than, took a deep breath and looked at the reflection of her young pussy. The wispy, brown hair parted down the center, revealing her pink cuntlips and even pinker pussyslit.

"I lost it," Janet choked, forcing herself to speak the truth. "Lost my cherry. The most precious thing I owned. I'll never be the saint girl that I used to be again."

And now that she'd forced it on herself, the memory of her first fuck began to glow in her mind like a hot poker. She wouldn't stop now until she'd recalled the whole degrading experience in detail, just the way she'd done so many times since it had happened.

Her uncle Ed had walked in without knocking as she dried the dinner dishes. Janet had almost dropped the plate she was wiping when he caught her by surprise.

"Your mother and brother home?" he asked.

"Eric's got a ball game," Janet answered, trying to conceal her nervousness by bending over the sink again. "And this is the night Mom does volunteer work at the church."

"Oh, yeah, that's right, your mother and her good deeds," Ed drawled, moving in behind her. "Looks like I've got my favorite niece all to myself."

"What're you doing?" Janet abruptly protested, feeling his hands on her hips and his rubbing crotch against her ass. "You'll make me break something."

There was no way Janet could admit to her uncle that he made her feel funny when he touched her like this. The boys at school didn't have this effect on her, but then she'd never been in this situation with any of them.