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The family_s wild ways

Harry Stevens

Harry Stevens

The family's wild ways


"Mmmmm, look at you," Mitzi Morgan lovingly sighed. "Just look at you. You have such beautiful, blonde curly hair. And underneath that you're so pink."

Mitzi was holding a mirror between her spread legs. She was speaking directly to her own cunt.

"Yes," she murmured. "And soooo juicy!" She rubbed her pussy, listening to it squish aloud. Spasms of pleasure rippled through her loins.

"There are plenty of boys who'd practically kill for a shot at you," Mitzi boasted on her cunt's behalf. "But you're just gonna have to be patient until the right guy comes along. I'll know who he is when it happens. Until then, though, you're just gonna have to be satisfied with me, myself and I."

Mitzi probed between her pussy lips into her moist gash. She began rhythmically fingerfucking herself.

"Ooooh, maybe Mr. Right hasn't shown up yet to stick his big, hard click in you," she teased. "But you don't seem to be complaining, now do you?"

Mitzi was well practiced at playing with herself, spending some special time alone with just her cunt at least twice a week. Sometimes her fingerfucking would be slow and tantalizing, as she gradually worked up to a single shuddering climax. Then, on other occasions, she would almost attack the sweet spot between her legs, seeing how many times she could come before she was orgasmically exhausted.

Tonight she was taking the second approach. She was so horny. One finger fucking her cunt wasn't enough. She added another and another, until her pussy had stretched to take her entire hand to the wrist. Then, her knuckles curling within the yielding tunnel, the fingerfuck had become a fist fuck.

"God, I've got so much in my pussy now," Mitzi swooned. "More than the biggest, hardest cock. Here I cummmmm!"