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Wild Naked Family

Harry Stevens

Harry Stevens

Wild Naked Family


Chapter 1

For once Millie Underwood was glad to do the laundry. Her mom hadn't even needed to nag her. In fact, Millie had actually volunteered. The reason? She was looking at a big part of it now, certain that the telltale evidence would've gotten her grounded forever if her mom had noticed.

"Mmmm, I sure made a mess out of these," Millie chuckled, inspecting the stained crotch.

They were her panties, the pair she'd worn last night on her date. And what a date! That dude had been so hard up for her pussy that he'd fucked her without even taking off her clothes. He'd just pulled up her skirt, yanked her panties aside and crammed his big cock up her cunt. Then come a load of the hottest, thickest jizz imaginable!

"What a date! One minute I was on my way to get some popcorn, and before I knew it… wow, I had a huge cock in my pussy!"

She'd been at the drive-in with her date, a wimp. He was more interested in watching the stupid movie than about getting into her pants. So, to relieve her frustration, Millie had gone to get something to eat. That's when she'd run into her cousin Jack in the snack bar. She hadn't seen him since he'd joined the Navy.

She hadn't been able to resist flirting with such a good-looking guy, regardless of whether he was technically family. Of course, she didn't know Jack would turn out to be such a pistol. One thing rapidly led to another.

"Don't like small talk," he'd told her when the electricity between them abruptly sparked. "We both know what we want."

Millie had hungrily agreed so Jack had just backed her up against a wall in a dark place. Next his strong hands were rearranging her clothes, skirt up and panties tugged aside. She unzipped his fly and guided his huge prick into the damp warmth of her welcoming pussy.