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Fun loving family

John Adams

John Adams

Fun loving family


Mary Drake held her breath as she listened to her parents fuck.

"Deeper! Oh, Paul! Fuck my pussy deeper with your big cock!" Sheree Drake encouraged her husband.

"Fuck, woman! I'm fucking as deep as my cock will go, now!" Paul Drake groaned. He felt the sharp pain of his wife's sharp nails raking his back.

Mary had to hold her hand over her mouth to keep from giggling as she stood in the hall and listened to the exciting fucking noises her folks made.

The eighteen-year-old daughter knew that her parents were not aware that she was listening. They thought that she was still out at a party.

Mary wished that her parents had left more light on in their bedroom so that she could watch them fuck. But then again, if they had on another light they might see her outside their door.

"Ooooo, lover!" Sheree squealed as she shoved her pussy up at her strong husband. She flung her head from side to side as she bucked up at him. Her long blonde hair whipped against the pillows as she thrashed.

"Fuck!" Paul grunted when her pussy squeezed his thick cock cacti time he pumped her pussy.

Paul looked down at his wife's big-titted body and groaned again as he watched the expressions on her beautiful face. She was a gorgeous woman, and looked several years younger than her thirty-eight years. People had trouble believing she had a eighteen-year-old daughter.