John Adams

Wild young wife


"Yes, I'll give Mr. Brenner the message. I'm sure he will return your call very soon. Thank you for calling Brenner Products."

Lynn Walker placed the phone receiver back into the cradle. She smiled as she filled in the date and time on the message slip. She had reason to smile, for she had done well in her first month on the job.

"Package for Mr. Thorsen."

Lynn heard the muffled voice through the glass. She reached up and pushed the glass partition aside. A young man was standing in the reception area. He held a small package out to her and grinned smugly. "Well, lady. Do you want it?"

Lynn stared at the long-haired youth for a moment. She saw his eyes drop to admire her big tits. She smiled, and straightened her shoulders. The front of her sweater bulged.

"Who's it for?" she said, reaching for the package.

"I told you, Mr. Thorsen," the young man said. He pushed his hands into the pockets of his jeans and waited for her to sign the receipt. He continued to stare at the pretty receptionist. He admired her long, brown hair, and wondered what her jugs looked like without the blouse over them.

Lynn handed him the receipt. She was enjoying the reaction she was getting from him.

"I'm supposed to pick up a big envelope," he said. "It's for the Quickie Messenger Service."

Lynn turned in her chair to look on the credenza behind her desk. She saw the envelope. She got up from her seat and reached for it, causing her short skirt to ride up.