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Held For Lust

Joseph Addison

Joseph Addison

Held For Lust

Chapter One

"Aww, don't be such a scared cat," Anne called. Becky couldn't make up her mind. The slim, blond thirteen year old shrugged and took another look at the partly opened garage door in the alley. Anne, Becky's ten-year-old cousin stamped her foot in frustration and walked back to where the blond was standing. "Come on! He's nice. He told me to call him Uncle Don. You'll like him. He knows some really fun games."

There was something in the smaller girl's expression that made Becky uneasy, she stared at Anne's dark, almost black eyes as they peered out of her pretty, tanned face and wondered. The ten-year-old grinned at Becky and ran her hand through her short, curly dark hair.

"You've been acting funny ever since last night," Anne teased. "What's the matter? Didn't you know that boys and girls do things like that?"

Becky felt her cheeks burn red as she blushed and she quickly turned away. Without knowing it Anne had put her finger on the problem. Becky closed her blue eyes and not realizing what she was doing, she pressed a slim, graceful hand flat against her belly.

"Don't be so dramatic," the plump little girl said. "I've watched my sister and her boyfriend lots of times. It makes me feel good!" A sharp tremor of excitement spun in Becky's belly and she felt her slender thighs shake as she remembered what they'd seen.

Becky hadn't known what to expect when Anne got her up and showed her how to creep down the stairs and peep into the living room. It had been very late and the rest of the house was silent. At first Becky couldn't see anything, but then, she heard a soft, moaning sound and she allowed Anne to lead her to a point where she could peek, behind a drape in the archway, and see a couple on the couch. Anne's big sister Toni was laying back on the pillows and her boyfriend Jeff was leaning over her. After a few moments Becky noticed that the eighteen-year-old girl's blouse was off and that she was letting the boy suck on her pink, pointed nipples!

It was disgusting! Becky trembled and sat down on a box that stood under a tall shade tree. She should have left right then! Becky knew that things like that were dirty and that nice girls didn't do them or even think about them. She would have left if Jeff hadn't stood up and jerked his pants down. Becky remembered making a soft gasping sound and being shaken roughly by her cousin when her shocked gaze fastened on the tall boy's throbbing erection and the way that be grinned at Toni as he stroked it!

A small dart of moist excitement began to wiggle and twist between the hairless lips of her tight little sex. She was so ashamed! Becky had soiled two pairs of panties by thinking about what she'd seen, the juices had gushed out of her and she'd almost broken down and played with herself, something that she never did!

Toni sat up and put her arms around Jeff, her full, up tilted breasts pressed and flattened against his chest while they kissed. Then, while they were still kissing, Becky saw the older girl's hand drop away from the boy's shoulder and boldly close around his jerking pole!