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The beast in me

James Butler

James Butler

The beast in me


"Oh, Barb!" the thirteen-year-old girl exclaimed. "You mean you really let him fuck you? And in his car?"

"Sure! Where else could we do it?" Barb said, smiling widely at her friend Sharon. "I mean, we couldn't fuck in my house or his, so a car's the only place left."

"Tell me how you did it, Barb!" Sharon said excitedly. "What was it like?"

"Well, after I got my panties off and pulled up my skirt, I sort of just straddled his lap. You know, so he could get his cock in me."

"Oh, wow! Well, c'mon. Let's walk and you can tell me the rest of it."

"Well, it wasn't so bad when he first stuck it in. But then it kept going up and up and up inside me until I thought it wasn't going to quit." Barb squealed and shivered. "It was fantastic! And his cock was hot! Jeez!"

Sharon was breathing rapidly as she slowed her walk and glanced shyly at her friend. "What did it feel like? Really?"

"It was far out," Barb sighed. "I could feel it just throbbing inside me. Then he started pumping it in and out. Jeez, you know I came twice before he did once?"

"Out of sight! What did it feel like when he shot off."

"Like a darned old hose going off inside me," the blonde replied, laughing and shaking her head. "When I got off him, his stuff dripped all over his pants. I hope his mom didn't see it."