Jason Cannon

Competing with mom


"No… Jack, please don't."

"Please let me kiss you, Nikki… please."

"You know I don't care if you kiss me," she said. "It's everything you always want to do along with it."

He lowered his head over hers until their lips touched. At first he was gentle, his lips romantically caressing hers. But, as usual, passion entered the kiss and the embrace. Again his arms became like the tentacles of an octopus as they wound around her body. The hands reaching, almost clawing to find their way to the soft fullness at the sides of her tits.

His lips parted as they ground against hers. Then his tongue came out and eventually wormed its way between her lips. At the same time one hand managed to slip around far enough to caress her fit. The hand was hot on her breast, the tongue even hotter in her mouth.

She felt her body being turned sideways in the seat. And then the pulsing hardness of his young cock was against her belly. He found her hand with his and lowered it to his prick. Almost against her will she eased her hand up and down its throbbing length and then squeezed it. It was as if she were testing its resiliency in her hand.

He groaned.

Her tongue met his.

Stop! Her mind screamed. Don't let him go any farther! She could feel some of the control escaping her body.

"Don't let it start and it won't happen to you," her mother 's voice echoed in her ears.