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Daddy_s hot twins

Jason Cannon

Jason Cannon

Daddy_s hot twins


They were a vision of passion-filled female beauty lying side by side on the bed. Their naked bodies glowed as the overhead strobe-light whirled, sending its myriad colors down to caress their tantalizingly perfect forms. Their breasts, their skin, even their dark pubic hair took on new vistas of sexual allure as they glowed amber, blue, red, a cream-white and then started slowly going through the whole color spectrum all over again.

Les Jacobs stood at the foot of the bed, also naked, his rigid cockstaff hard, thick, and swollen with desire in his hand. He watched them, letting his eyes float over this feast of female flesh as his fist roamed up and down his cock. He couldn't remember when he had been so lucky. Just one of the twin sisters would have been beautiful and a whole evening's fun.

But two? Heaven.

The girls, Cindy and Candy Harris, were just as appreciative of him. But then the Harris twins were, and always had been, highly desirous of a good, rigid cock.

Early on, that morning in the photo session, they had decided to take him back home with them when the job was done. He was tall, with dark, curly hair, and his face had the fine features of a Greek.

The girls went for Greeks and Italians; they were usually passionate, well-hung, and they had little or no inhibitions about how or where to use the equipment nature gave them for fucking.

Greeks loved to fuck.

Italians loved to fuck.

The Harris twins loved to fuck. But then, everyone in the wild world of films, magazines, fashion, and photography that the twins inhabited loved to fuck. It came second as a need and pastime right after eating; sometimes right in the middle.

"Les," Cindy drawled, running the fingers of her right hand up and down the already wet slit of her twin sister's cunt. "Are you just going to stand there and look?"