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Hottest family

Jason Cannon


Hottest family


"Wanna see my dick, little girl?" Randy Mitchell grinned at the luscious dark and dusky piece of sweet ass who sat next to him, purring like a sleek kitten in the front seat of his van.

"Hardly!" Lisa Darnell said in mock outrage, raising her lovely eyebrows and crossing her lithe and silken legs. "At least not yet," she added with a cock-stiffening smile.

Lisa's seductive little smile could stiffen a cock any day, as Randy knew from painful experience. The day was rare when a knowing glance from the hot little bitch failed to send Randy's eager young

dick shooting into erection inside his tight pants. Lisa was a torment for all the guys at Woodrow Wilson High, and she knew it, knew it and made the most of it.

Lisa was the classic cock-tease, never allowing a guy to go all the way with her and apparently enjoying his sexual suffering. Randy had gathered from the stories his buddies had told him that little Lisa was still a virgin, having turned back all attempts to enter her tight little cunt. The local guys had been working on her ever since junior high school, but to no avail. Nobody dared take her by force since she was the sheriff's daughter, and besides, most of the local guys considered force a bad scene. And. so Lisa had remained chaste, the only fuckable virgin left in the senior class at graduation time. Randy was determined to change her ways.

Randy had had considerable experience in getting into the well-filled pants of other cock-teases, and his successes,with hard cases were legend. At the tender age of eighteen he had deflowered more chicks than any of the other studs at Woodrow Wilson. In fact, Randy was known to be the super-stud of Ferrisville, Indiana. Lisa knew of his reputation.

It wasn't that Randy had any strange compulsion to deflower virgins. But fucking was such great fun, and virgins seemed to enjoy fucking the first few times a lot more than the chicks who had had it stuck to them since they were eighteen. And besides, Randy liked girls a whole lot, not only as objects of sexual attention but also as people. It

sure was a damn shame to let girls deprive themselves of the joys of hot fucking merely because of some stupid prohibition against spreading their legs for a guy. And so young Randy considered his cherry-picking activities a kind of community service, and most of the chicks whose cherries he had picked seemed to agree with him. Once the local girls learned a few things they really loved to ball. But Lisa was a bit different.

Lisa seemed to know all about fucking already, even though Randy knew for sure that she hadn't done any actual flesh and blood screwing. He had been sizing her up for two years, watching how she reacted to his buddies, watching the little tricks she used to turn the guys on. He had watched her look at guys out of the corner of her eye and make them writhe in their seats at school even with a sidelong glance. And he had seen the devastating effect on his pals when she looked them right in the eye and said something dirty, and said it with the lewd look of a hot-fucking cunt. She had had guys jacking off right and left ever since her wildly exciting body had begun to take on the soft contours of femininity. And what contours they were!

Lisa was tall and slender, not actually busty like Jean Penderson or Billie Withers, the two loosest chicks in school. Randy liked girls with big tits, liked to squeeze those big bulging knockers until the girl went wild inside, liked to suck those sweet breasts until the nipples grew hard and tingled with excitement. But luscious Lisa's tits were not particularly huge like Jean's or Billie's. Lisa tits