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Marcy in heat

Jason Cannon

Jason Cannon

Marcy in heat


Marcy Whalen's parents were very religious, and almost fanatical in their condemnation of anything that wasn't approved by the church. Marcy grew up in an atmosphere of fear.

When she reached thirteen and her body started awakening, her mother sat her down and explained the sins of the flesh. She cautioned Marcy not to fall into temptation by touching herself or by allowing a boy to have his way with her.

Marcy was allowed to date, but only when several couples were included in the group. And then nearly all of her outings were connected with the church. As she grew older she heard stories from the other girls in school about young couples who had gotten into trouble. It frightened her, but it also peaked her curiosity.

By the time she was fourteen the wild cravings in her body expanded and flowered along with the womanly aspects of her figure. The nights got longer and longer as she became more and more frustrated and the dreams of sin came more frequently.

She talked to her minister about her dreams and was told to have faith. She talked to her mother about them and was told that they were sinful. She told a few of her closest friends at school and they replied that the dreams were normal. Marcy's only problem was that she needed sex.

But sex was sinful.

So she continued to have dreams and many sleepless nights trying to escape from them. By the time she was fifteen she had discovered the pleasure her own hands could bring to her body. That brought even more fire, more frustration, and more guilt.

Up until this time no boy had touched her beyond a light kiss. That changed when she met David Banks. He was older, in college, and much wiser in the ways of the world than the others in her church youth group.

David was on summer vacation and they started dating regularly. Each night before they would leave for a date, David would quote the Bible with Marcy's mother while he waited for Marcy to come downstairs. And each night, when they returned from the date, the front seat of his car would become a hotbed of passion as his hands roamed over her body and his lips showered her face and neck with hot, loving kisses.

He awakened her mind and her flesh to not only what he wanted, but what she wanted. She wanted sex, and lots of it. Her dreams almost became real with David forming clearly in them as the man she ravished and was, in turn, ravished by.