Language: English / Genre:home_sex / Series: Silver edition

Nooner wife

Jason Cannon

Jason Cannon

Nooner wife


"Aaaarrr000www! Oh, Joe… that's enough of your fingers, honey!"

"Oh shit, baby. My cock's so hard for you!"

"Yes… yessss, your cock… put your big dick in me!"

Joe flipped his body between his wife's lush thighs and, using his knees, scissored hers apart.

The pink of her lovely cunt lips winked up at him from the gaping mouth of her blonde pussy.

Holding his stiff prick in his hand, he looked at the clock. Shit, he thought, it's already five after seven and I've got to make the seven-forty train. I don't really have time.

"Joe… Jesus, don't stop now… you've got my pussy hotter than a firecracker. Fuck ME!"

"Oh, baby… I… I want to," he groaned, watching those exquisite hips surge her cunt up toward his cockhead. "You know bow I want to!"

"Then do it! Put it in me!"

"Okay… okay, Patty, honey. A quickie."