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Spouse in torment

Jason Cannon

Jason Cannon

Spouse in torment


"Aaaarrrgggbhh!" she screamed as Ken Morton thrust half his fist up her cunt.

It was seven o'clock in the morning and he wanted another quick fuck before they both had to get up and go to the office.

"You want my cock now, Lou?" he asked.

"You bastard, you know I do," Louise replied. "Jesus, you're amazing. You fuck me half the night and then wake me up by shoving your fist up my cunt and saying, 'I want to fuck you again!'"

He stared down at her lustily. Ken Morton had always fucked his secretaries, but this one might outlast the others. She was a real screamer. She loved sex. And sex was the one thing besides money and power that Ken Morton loved.

He eased his body down until the throbbing cum tube on the underside of his cock lay in the furrow of her gushing cuntal slit. Then he buried his face between the warm softness of her tits.

She breathed hard at his touch and clutched his head between her breasts, jamming the globes against his ears and twisting her fingers in his hair.

He moved his mouth across her naked hot tits and captured one nipple in his mouth. He sucked it with all the lust and power in his tongue and cheeks.

She groaned and moved her chest beneath his face in wild gyrations of joy and rising passion. "Yes, yes, suck on 'em! Make 'em sweat and bounce!"

Harder and harder he sucked, swirling his tongue over the rigid nipples that quivered so delightfully. She answered his intensity by arching her back and raising her chest, eagerly offering both trembling mounds of flesh to his hotly devouring mouth.