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Stripper wife

Jason Cannon

Jason Cannon

Stripper wife


Barry Price fought his way up, through the hangover mist in his brain, until he was teetering on the thin edge between sleep and wakefulness.

There was something strange about the reaction of the mattress under him when he moved. When he shifted his weight the mattress seemed to dip towards the center of the bed. This would only happen if there were someone else in bed with him.

He slid his hand slowly across the bed under the blanket. His fingers touched something soft and smooth and warm. Now his ears detected the sound of another pair of lungs breathing raggedly. He let his fingers trace the outline of the warm, soft, smooth object.

It could only be one thing: the tender cheek of a very nice ass. So Barry knew he was in bed with someone. His searching fingers came to the furrow between the ass cheeks. He probed between them and on down to the space between the thighs. There his fingers found the furry crack of a cunt.

He sighed in relief; at least he wasn't in bed with a man. It was hard to tell sometimes what crazy stunts he could pull when he went off the deep end and let the booze get to him.

He forced his eyes open and rolled over to look at his companion. She lay on her stomach with her face away from him. The blanket covered her only as far as the middle of her back, and above it she was nude. Her breasts must be large, he reasoned, because there was a wealth of them pressing outward beneath her.

At least that was good – Barry was one hell of a tit man.

She had thick long blonde hair and it fanned out over her shoulder blades. The blonde hair stirred his memory; he had a faint picture of tight pants, and a tighter, well-filled sweater. But he still couldn't put a face on, that picture. In fact he couldn't remember where he'd met her, or even where he'd started his binge.

Gently he rolled her over and his eyes went directly to the jutting, pink-tipped mounds that leapt to attention on her chest. They were big, all right, and as firm as they could be. He wanted to suck on them at once, but the throb in his head got in the way.