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Swap mates

Jason Cannon

Jason Cannon

Swap mates


"Hump it… hump me!"

"Fuck… fuck me back, Margie baby," he panted. "Fuck your sweet pussy hard on my meat!"

She lay there on the bed beneath him, jumping and twisting her beautiful body into every possible position, any way or shape that would give her burning cunt the mast thrill and enjoyment from his rutting prick.

And thrill it did, more and more, with every thrust of Jeff Montlan's big, hose-like prick. She felt him increase the intensity of his strokes. It brought forth a new flood of cuntal juices from her torrid box, bathing both his balls and her own asscheeks.

"You gettin' enough baby?" Jeff groaned.

"From you?"

Jeff laughed and fucked harder.

She tried to return the laugh but couldn't. Her face was too contorted with lust to make her lips curl into a smile. Instead, they backed from her teeth in desire. Besides, Jeff knew he had his meat up her belly, half-way to her tits. He had the biggest cock in the group; a full foot, and he loved to use it.

And Margie Blame loved it.

On and on she thrust the soaking sheath of her cunt in lustful passion. She took his hands and pressed them tightly to her quivering mountains of tit flesh. Her nipples responded immediately to his kneading fingertips.