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Mom_s hot lesson

Jeff Davis

Jeff Davis

Mom_s hot lesson


She stood in the doorway viewing the disaster before her. The bedroom looked like the aftermath of an earthquake. But it was the result of a calamity-a two-legged calamity named Pete, her eighteen-year-old son. Doris shook her head slowly and drawing a deep breath, stepped into the room and waded through the strewn possessions, picking up something here and something there.

She put a book in the bookcase and a bottle on a shelf. The stack of folded clothes and she had laundered and left in the room the day before was right where she had left them. She shrugged and picked up the stack and began putting clothes in drawers. As she tried to straighten up his underwear so she could put the freshly laundered items in the drawer, she noticed something-a brown paper bug was pushed completely to the back. She hesitated for a minute, not wanting to invade her son's privacy, but her curiosity got the better of her. She pulled the bag out and looked into it. It was a stack of magazines, none of which looked familiar.

She carried them to the bed and dumped them onto the rumpled sheets. The sight hit her in the pit of the stomach. There were several magazines with different titles and covers but all obviously sex magazines. There were also a couple of novels with lurid titles and drawings on the covers.

Doris stood looking down at the pile of filth, her stomach churning. Her baby was reading such filth! She was shocked and repulsed by the pile of horrible books. She had to force herself to pick them tip and drop them back in the bag. As she picked the last one up, a magazine, it fell open to a full page photograph. She inhaled sharply. A woman knelt before a man and had over half of his cock in her mouth. Doris closed the offensive book quickly.

She would have to confront Pete with this and find out where he had gotten such things and make him get rid of them. She was facing another one of those times that made it difficult to bring up a son without the benefit of a father. That son-of-a-bitch! she thought as she flashed a picture of her ex-husband across her mind. She had to push the hostile thoughts out of her mind. Thoughts of how he had disgraced her and betrayed her, running around with other women. She shivered with the intensity of the emotion that surged through her.

She sat down on the teen's bed and tried to think. She had to stop this perversion before it took hold and he became just like his father. A picture flashed into her mind. The photograph in the magazine. She began to tremble and she wasn't sure what was causing it. Then she was aware of a dampness between her thighs and she was even less sure.

Her face felt hot and under her gown and robe, she felt her nipples harden and become sensitive. She shifted positions and looked at the paper bag. Suddenly, she was at war with herself. She wanted to reach for the bag and take the magazine back out. A part of her mind rebelled. She felt as if she could no longer control her body. A tiny moan escaped her lips.

She had to see what she was fighting, she decided. She opened the bag and pulled the slick magazine out. She stared at the woman's open pussy on the cover. A cock hovered inches from it. Her thighs trembled and she felt a strange twitch deep inside her belly. Her mouth was dry and she found that she was staring at the long hard cock.

She picked up the bag and took it and the magazine into her bedroom. She didn't want Pete to accidentally find her reading that trash. She dropped onto her bed and leaned against the pillows, the magazine in her lap. She opened the pages and looked at the photographs. Each one was of some sort of sexual activity. With each page she felt the strange heat rising higher and hotter in her crotch. She crossed and uncrossed her legs nervously.

What few words were printed in the magazine were nearly all four-letter. Her eyes skimmed very quickly over the stream of fuck, cock, suck, cunt and shit.