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Her pervert parents

Jane Fox

Jane Fox

Her pervert parents


"Oh God, honey! Your pussy's so tight!" Bill gasped, pumping his hard cock into the juicy hot depths of Trudi Wilson's honeyed cunt.

Bill didn't know why it was this hard to get into Trudi's pants. Every time they dated and that was quite a bit because they were going steady he had to convince her that it was all right to fuck. He supposed it was because of her straight parents.., From what Trudi said, her mother and father didn't even know what fuck meant!

"Ooooooh," Trudi gasped in pleasure. It always felt so good when she gave in and let Bill plunge his hard cock in her wet, hot pussy.

She didn't know why she always put him off. God knew, she wanted to fuck! Somehow though, it just didn't seem right. It must be her parents' influence, making her feel all guilty for having a good time fucking with Bill. She really hated them for being so straight!

"Ooooooooh, NO!" Trudi groaned. She wished she could stop thinking about her parents. They were really spoiling all her fun!

"What's the matter, hon?" Bill gasped. "Did I hurt you?" He leaned up on his arms and gazed 'anxiously at her face, illuminated by the faint moonlight coming through the van's rear window.

"No… I'm sorry Bill. I was just thinking about my parents, that's all,"

Trudi explained. "Don't worry, I'll just forget it!"

Bill maintained the calm expression on his face through tremendous force of' will. Damn Trudi's parents, anyway! She thought of them at the weirdest times. Like now, when he was just beginning to enjoy sinking his hard cock in her hot pussy.