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Turned on cheerleaders

Jane Fox

Jane Fox

Turned on cheerleaders


Margie Walker had her blouse open even before Mike stopped the car. She reached out and pressed her hand against his cock and sighed lustily, "Come on, Mike. Love me up a little," she breathed sexily.

Mike Wells tried to keep his stiffening cock under control as Margie thrust her titties out toward his face. Her little fingers were dancing over his cockshaft, almost making him forget why he was mad.

"You should have gone home with Rick Elms," he muttered. "I bet you'd like to get your tits in Rick's mouth. The way you to were dancing, I'm surprised you didn't sneak off and fuck him in a dark corner."

Margie sighed. She wasn't too worried about Mike's jealousy, but she wished he wouldn't pout like a kid every time she talked to someone else. She knew it was easy enough to pacify him if she got him horny enough, but it really put a crimp in her style to have him looking over her shoulder at all the school parties. Still, she didn't want to cut him loose yet. The State Basketball Tournament was coming and Mike was the big scorer on the team. There was a certain amount of prestige in being Mike's girl.

"Come on, Mike," she whispered. "I was just kidding around. You know I'm your girl. I let you fuck me all the time, don't I?"

Mike shivered even though it wasn't cold. He knew that he was going to give in. Margie's pussy was so sweet and hot that he couldn't hold out for long. Already his cock was jerking inside his pants, eager to slip into her tight, hot pussyhole.

Margie's fingers slipped down his zipper with a practiced motion. Then her hand slipped inside and pulled out his stiff cock. She giggled when Mike groaned with passion.

"Let's just forget about being mad, huh?" she suggested. "Besides, I've got a surprise for you tonight. I just know you're gonna love it."

Mike felt his anger evaporate. He was sure the surprise had something to do with sex. Margie's surprises always did. "What is it?" he asked in a slightly mollified tone.

"Just take your pants off and you'll find out," she giggled. "I've been thinking about it all night."