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Captive wives

John Friday

John Friday

Captive wives


"Not tonight, Stan – please, I have a headache." Alice Thurmond pushed her husband's hand from her naked thigh and then stroked her forehead as though to soothe an awful pain.

"Not tonight, not last night, not the night before that. For Christsake, Alice – my cock is so hard I can't stand it! What the shit is wrong with you?"

"I told you, I have a headache!"

"You always have a headache!"

"No, I don't!" she said sharply.

"You're right… last night you were too tired. The night before, you'd just had your hair done, and you didn't want me to mess it up."

"Stan!" she said impatiently, "you know I can't go to work in the morning tired and looking like a sleazy whore."

"That's it!" His eyes gleamed in their darkened bedroom. "That's when it all started – when you got that stupid job!"

"Being the assistant buyer for this town's biggest store is not a stupid job. You know – I earn more than you do now…"

"You don't have to remind me!" That had been a sore point ever since Alice got her last raise.