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Swapping families

John Friday

John Friday

Swapping families


"You know what they're doing, don't you?" A sly, cat-like grin curved Salena's sensuous lips. "They're all fucking each other." Just saying the word seemed to excite her.

"No." Mary almost screamed. Her slender body trembled, and she raised her hands to cover her ears. She didn't want to hear anything else her best friend might say.

"They are!" Salena insisted. "I'll bet right now my dad is sticking his big cock in your mother's cunt. And my morn has a pillow tucked under her ass, and she's fucking your father's balls off!"

"I don't believe it!" Mary sobbed.

Her limpid blue eyes clenched shut, and silvery tears streaked down her blushing cheeks.

Salena sighed find tossed her long red-gold hair. "Mary, I'm sorry it upsets you, but it happens to be true. When the guys get here with the pictures, you'll see for yourself."

"I won't look at those awful pictures!" Mary began to wring her hands as she spoke. "I don't want to believe it even… even if it's true."

"It's true, all right. Mr. Winslow has one of those cameras that develops its own pictures in a minute, and Mike found a whole box of color prints his father keeps hidden in the back of the closet. They show your parents and mine, the Winslows and the Franklins too, all of them naked and fucking each other in ways you can't even imagine."

"Our nice friendly neighborhood group," Mary said with a mournful sigh of resignation.