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The wife_s hot whipping

John Friday

John Friday

The wife_s hot whipping


"You stinking slut! You cheap, two-timing little whore!"

Hal Graham glared hotly at his sexy young blonde wife and pulled the slender snakeskin belt from the pants.

"Hal, you don't understand!" Honey cried. She cowered at the head of their king-sized bed, clutching the black satin sheet high around her neck to cover the sleek curves of her naked body.

"You're God damn right, I don't understand!" he said.

Hal looped the belt double in his right hand and lashed it viciously across the open palm of his left. Honey winced and shrank back against the padded headboard when she heard the resounding crack and saw the anger flaring in her husband's eyes.

"I work my ass off so you can have the things you want, like this new house. We've hardly moved in, and you're in our bedroom fucking the damn refrigerator repair man!" Hal bellowed.

"I told you, I was tired from moving all those boxes. I just came in here to grab a little nap…"

"Ha! Grab a big cock, is more like it!"

"There's no one here! You didn't see him, did you?" Her voice had a desperate ring and her blue eyes kept swaying with the loop of dark leather Hal kept waving back and forth.

"No, I didn't see him. But the sonuvabitch left his jacket on the chair by the bed. It says, 'Ace Refrigeration Service' across the back, and I can damn well see that!"