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Sex With the Guitarist

Jenna James

Jenna James

Sex With the Guitarist

“Are you sure this is a good idea?” Jennifer asked, her face betraying the disgust she clearly felt at the prospect of kissing another girl.

“Listen,” Annie said, pulling her close so no-one else could hear. “I’ve done it many times before and believe me when I say it WILL get you your man.”

“How can you be sure?” Jennifer couldn’t help but run her long slender fingers nervously through her mahogany-colored hair, dyed the previous night as part of her final shot at winning the attention of her ever-elusive Romeo, Brad.

Annie smiled reassuringly, “Remember Todd, from college?”

“Oh yeah, the guy that played football.”

“Well, it worked like a charm on him,” Annie rolled her eyes theatrically, “he couldn’t keep his hands off me once he saw me making out with Stacey… it was actually annoying, so I blew him off anyway.”

Jennifer looked shocked, “You blew him?”

Nearly choking on the beer she had just knocked back, Annie laughed out loud and then suddenly became serious as she looked Jennifer in the eye incredulously, “Are you pulling my leg, Jen?”

Jennifer sipped her beer daintily before innocently inquiring, “What’s it like?”

“Seriously, you really need to get laid more often, Jen. First of all, to ‘blow someone off’ does not mean ‘blowjob’,” Annie stressed her last point by taking half the length of her bottle of bud into her mouth, seductively caressing it with her lips that seemed as if they were created for just that purpose. This drew the attention of several men in the crowd around them and Annie laughed, “God, men are so easy to wrap around your finger!”

Jennifer marveled at her friend’s ability to attract the opposite sex. Throughout college, Annie had been one of the most promiscuous girls she had ever known. Legend had it that she had slept with over 30 guys in their final year alone. Unemployed bum she may be, but she certainly knew how to win a man, whether through his heart or…

The crowd of 300 or more was growing excited. It wouldn’t be long before the band came on stage. As Annie flirted with two guys by the stage, expertly tilting back her head and enticingly lifting her hair to reveal her slender neck Jennifer watched on, feeling somewhat jealous but at the same time inspired.

If anyone could help her win the attention of Brad, it was her. It was just the thought of kissing her that was playing on her mind. Jennifer wasn’t shy, and had slept with 2 guys during college but her mother had always been of a more traditional sort, forever reminding her that a ‘real’ lady saved herself for the ‘right’ man. Only sluts flaunted their bodies and gave of themselves so freely. As a consequence, Jennifer had never brought Annie back to her house. Her mother would know the instant she saw her that she was the kind of girl who gave up her seductively proportioned body too easily.