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Sexy little sister

John Fine

John L. Fine

Sexy little sister

Chapter 1

Suzie stretched her hand lazily over the edge of her twin bed and dropped the algebra book on the carpet. Not that she didn't like math, but she was smart enough that a few hours study before dinner was all she needed to make her passing grades. And there it was nearly seven o'clock and she was bored with her high school class assignments. What she wanted was a boy. "Not really a boy," she said to herself, "a huge big dripping juicy cock."

Casually she pulled the bottom of her short wool skirt up above her waist and looked at the most important part of her lithe and beautiful little fourteen-year-old body. Fat little pussy lips puckered out from a nest of thickening dark hair.

"How pretty it is," she thought, "nestled between my long lovely white thighs." And it was beautiful. And so were her slender young legs. She took care to shave them when needed in order to show off by contrast the dark mysterious bush that partially hid her tender pink pussy.

"It is beautiful, isn't it Suzie?" murmured Cindy, watching her sister from across the room they shared had been observing Suzie ever since the young girl had first exposed herself, and had fully understood the sexual desires the fourteen-year-old was feeling. At seventeen, more developed than her sister, Cindy was feeling the same unfulfilled frustration. Long before her sister, she had set her dull American history text aside and dreamily begun to contemplate the nature of the sexual universe.

"Cindy?" responded Suzie, looking at the lovely girl across the room-almost her twin except for her more fully developed body-"maybe we ought to call Roger and that other boy we met last week. No one would know, and our pussies…

"Absolutely not," exclaimed the older girl, startled out of her dreamy laziness. "You know we can't do anything to endanger our father's reputation, or let anyone know that we're not the pure little, simple minded virgins people think We are."

"But Cindy," the young girl pleaded, "we wouldn't let the town know. All…"

"But we would let the town know. You know how those boys at Rockford High are. They'll tell every detail to everybody, just to prove their own puny little potency. They'd describe us from the tip of our nipples to the color of our come. Everybody in the God damned town would know we'd thrown ‘em a fuck before tomorrow night's supper."

"But Cindy, it's been over a month since either of us had any," Suzie protested again, pleading for some kind of desperate solution to the aching pains in her young quim. "Roger wouldn't talk-he's got the reputation of a real stud-and a gentleman."

Cindy sat back on her own twin bed and looked at her young sister with loving exasperation. Not only did her body show three years more development than her little sister, so did her intelligence and experience.