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Girl_s school pet

Jon Reskind

Jon Reskind

Girl_s school pet


Arm in arm the two girls came skipping gaily down the path, their faces radiant with youthful exuberance. At first glance they seemed to look alike, despite the fact that one was blonde and the other dark, but on closer examination it became evident that it was only their beauty that matched them.

The blonde girl was a little taller, her lushly curved body a little fuller. Big blue eyes helped set off her creamy pink complexion, and all in all she gave off an aura of beaten gold, fresh rose petals and rich cream.

Her companion was smaller and more slender but in some way looked even more lushly developed. Perhaps it was the sinuous and sensual way her body was formed, with high upstanding breasts thrusting out proudly from a graceful torso that bloomed out again into tightly rounded hips above long slender legs. Her hair was made up of rich dark tones hard to define, perhaps a little more black than brown and matched by the smoky color of her eyes. With her, one would think of night and heat and warm passionate embraces.

"Oh, what a day, what a glorious day," the dark one said. "You know what a day like this makes me think of? It makes me think of making love out on the grass under the trees. Of having some big strong man pinning me down to the ground while he ravishes my defenseless young body." And then she laughed gaily.

"Oh, Penny," her blonde friend said with a rosy blush. "Any kind of weather makes you think about sex. Sometimes I wonder if you think about anything else."

"Of course not," Penny replied. "Thinking about anything else would be a waste of time. Victoria Bennett, if you weren't such a prude you'd know what I'm talking about. Whoever heard of anyone in this day and age still being a virgin at eighteen? Doesn't this glorious day do something for you? Doesn't it make you tingle inside… right down here?" And Penny lewdly pointed her finger to where her tightly molded pants cut into the soft swelling of her pubic mound.

Victoria Bennett blushed again and decided not to say anything this time. Instead she looked around her and saw that it was indeed a beautiful day. Both she and her friend, Penny Collins were taking a short cut across the campus of the small California girls' college where they were students and roommates. It would have been hard to find a more perfect setting for a college, high up on cliffs that jutted starkly from the blue Pacific below. The whole campus was set in a forest of feathery eucalyptus trees dotted with occasional patches of dwarf oak. Innumerable small paths criss-crossed through the trees and the two girls were walking on one of them now, heading towards their next class in one of the scattered clusters of buildings. The campus was broken up into many small sections so that it would have a rural, almost wild air instead of the usual congested concrete vistas of the average modern college campus.

The month was November and the summer heat was finally over. Victoria thought to herself that the winters here were usually much nicer since it never really did get that cold and the fresh autumn air swept away the moist summer haze and let one see practically forever. The two girls were approaching the top of a small rise now and the ocean came into view, a deep glittering blue in the clear air with the horizon etched sharply against the sky. Looking in the other direction, inland, the delighted blonde girl could clearly make out the distant mountains tumbling over one another in wave after wave of muted purples and blues. Further down the coast it was possible to see the surf crumbling in brilliant white foam against the base of the ocher cliffs. Blue and white and brown and violet and green, and the delicious feel of the tangy salt air sweeping in from the sea, perhaps from as far away as Japan… Victoria's reverie was shattered by a delighted whoop from Penny.

"Hey, look at old Ben Wright! I think that old bastard has a hard-on again." Despite herself, Victoria's eyes followed Penny's pointing finger and focused on the familiar shambling figure of Ben Wright, the campus watchman. As usual he had his huge German shepherd, Prince, with him. Together the two made up the entire security force of the girls' college, all that was needed owing to its isolated location. Victoria tried to keep her gaze from running down Ben's heavy body to where his trousers pushed out lewdly just below his belt as he stood raptly watching two mini-clad coeds passing by, swinging their pert young hips as if they knew he was watching.

"It's really something that he can still get it up at his age," Penny laughed. Ben was only fifty but to the girls on campus he seemed impossibly old, almost a Methuselah. "You know, it's kind of cruel, the old guy working here with all these girls around, not being able to touch them. Maybe some of us should get up a collection – a cunt collection – and do something about his problem. God, would you look at the size of that bulge!" Penny exclaimed in growing awe as she continued to stare at the front of Ben's pants. A cold calculating look came into her eyes.