Language: English / Genre:home_sex / Series: Diary novel

In the widow_s panties

J Watson

J T Watson

In the widow_s panties


Judy Roberts did not like the idea of going to Bill Weatherby for help. Bill Weatherby had been a friend of her husband's but she had never cared for him much. He had roaming eyes and roaming hands. Still, he was the one who had been kind to her after her husband's death.

She was thinking that perhaps she had been wrong about Bill. Maybe he was a nice guy. She just didn't like the way he looked at her.

Judy's husband had only been dead six months and it was tough on a young woman. Judy was only twenty and she was really gorgeous. She had long black hair, a slender waist, and tits and an ass that looked delicious.

Her figure had always caused trouble for Judy. She had always been chased after, and boys seemed to think she knew more about sex than she really did.

Actually, she had always been very shy, and her husband had been the first man to really understand her and fuck her.

Now Ron was dead and Judy was in deep financial trouble.

She hadn't understood how deep in debt Ron had been until she suddenly found that her credit had gone sour and there were more bills than she could pay. She needed a job but she had never worked. She had married Ron right out of high school and they had been very happy for five years. Now she found that she really couldn't do anything.

Her only choice was Bill, but she still hated the idea.

She dressed in a conservative way for her meeting with him that morning. In fact, she dressed almost plainly in a tweed skirt and high-necked blouse. She didn't want Bill to get any ideas. She was just going to interview for a job and that was all.

Bill had a huge law firm downtown and was a very busy man. Judy was surprised when his young, attractive secretary hurried her in right away.