Two Raped Wives

Two raped wives

J. T. Watson


Darkness had fallen before the two young women left the lecture hall.

"I wish my husband could be like that," Jennifer Wales sighed.

"Tom's a very nice man," Rena Cole protested.

"Oh, he's nice enough," Jennifer said, "but he's just so dull. He never does anything exciting."

"And I suppose you'd like for him to fly planes and nearly get himself killed in far off places like our speaker did?" Rena questioned.

"Nothing so drastic," Jennifer admitted. "I'd just like for him to change a little. He's dull in just about everything he does, even in bed."

"Jennifer!" Rena said sharply.

Jennifer shrugged her shoulders. She knew her slim, dark-haired friend didn't like to talk about sex. Rena could be a real prude about some subjects.