Language: English / Genre:home_sex / Series: Diary novel

Weekend wife

J Watson

J T Watson

Weekend wife


Gayle Wayland studied herself in her bedroom mirror. She had grown a little plumper after three years of marriage. She still wasn't plump enough to be called fat or unattractive but probably in another few years she would be.

"Damn," Gayle said.

She left her bedroom and hurried downstairs. Her bags were packed and placed near the front door. In another few minutes Alan Payne would be stopping for her.

She went out the back door where her husband was working on another of his old cars.

"It's almost time for me to leave," Gayle said.

"Is it?" Richard asked.

"Well have a good time."

Inwardly Gayle cursed again. Most husbands would have been upset if their wife went on a three-day field-trip to the mountains. Especially if one of her college classmates, tall, good-looking Alan Payne, was the one she was sharing a car with.

But not Richard. The only thing that ever upset Richard was if he couldn't get a special part for the car he was working on. He never worried about Gayle.

She heard a car drive into the front yard and Gayle knelt beside her husband and kissed him good-bye. He gave her only a muttered response and went back to work on his car.