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Jane Tanner

Jane Tanner

Nanna_s big boy


"Take off your pants and shorts," Eunice told him.

Hesitantly the boy obeyed. He wasn't at all sure about this.

The forty-six-year-old widow, twenty pounds overweight but still rather attractive for her age, couldn't help blushing slightly as she caught sight of the towheaded child's small penis. It was the first peter she'd seen since her husband passed away three years ago. Nervously she cleared her throat, forcing her gaze away from the tempting morsel that jiggled so enticingly as Reed stepped out of his pants and shorts.

"Now your shirt," she cooed. "And your shoes and socks, too."

The eight-year-old frowned as he started unbuttoning his shirt. He didn't see why he had to take off all his clothes. It embarrassed him to undress in front of her. She wasn't old and wrinkled the way most kids' grandmothers were. And besides, what with his dad being in the Air Force all his life, Reed had seen his mother's mother so few times that she was still pretty much a stranger to him.

"Will it hurt?" he asked timidly as he tugged off his socks and stood before her completely nude.

Eunice smiled to hide her mounting sense of inexplicable discomfort. She'd never gotten to cuddle Reed as a baby – Becky had had him while they were stationed overseas – and now, seeing him naked, she felt more like a seductress than the young grandmother which she actually was.

"No, dear, it won't hurt a bit," she assured him. "In fact, it'll be quite pleasant if you'll only relax while I'm giving it to you. And after we've finished, you'll feel much better."

"I don't want no old enema!" the child whimpered, tears misting his frightened, big blue eyes.

"I know you don't," Eunice soothed as she picked up the filled hot water bottle from the washbasin and hung it on the bathroom wall. "But you need it, so be a good boy and lie down there on the floor."