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Three Little Naughties: Stories About Three Little Naughty Girls

J. Thorpe

J. Wellington Thorpe

Three Little Naughties: Stories About Three Little Naughty Girls

The First Way

The girl was pleased. The first half of the performance had gone well but now in the middle of the second she felt as though she was playing better than she had ever played in her life. She could almost feel the music as the string quartet played for the private party in this huge house. The room had excellent acoustics and the audience of about thirty people were very appreciative of the musicians who were performing for them. The only slight downside was the heat from the lights that blazed down at them, which had them all perspiring soon after starting their performance but the host had graciously organised some drinks for them during the short interval.

The ten-year-old violinist didn't know why but she felt everything so much more acutely than usual. She could feel the vibrations from the music travelling through her body from where she held the violin under her chin. She could feel her skin as if her clothes were brushing it as she moved. She realized with a shock that her nipples were hard and she had an itch between her legs that caused her to rub her thighs together in an attempt to ease it. Looking up, she noticed that everyone in the room was looking at her. She wondered if they could see what the curious feelings were doing to her. Could they see that she was beginning to pant and was getting a strange sexual feeling? Although she loved her music, never before had it affected her this way! As though through a mist she realized that hers was the only instrument left playing but she felt that she just had to finish before she could stop. The room had begun to spin before her and just as she felt herself topple over, hands steadied her and she was led to a chair to sit down. “Don't worry.” She heard a voice say. “It is so hot in here that you must feel faint.

I'll just loosen your clothes for you.” Feeling her blouse being undone should have worried the young girl but for some reason she just couldn't think straight. Even when the button on her skirt was undone and she felt it sliding down her legs Bea couldn't object and as the welcome sleep engulfed her she was thinking only that it was so frustrating to have been playing so well and yet not having been able to finish the piece. As she came to, Bea tried to make sense of things. She was still on the small stage looking sideways at the audience but they were all upside down. Trying to raise herself she found, hurt her wrists and finally it dawned on her that she was bound on her back over a piano stool wearing only her underwear. With her head off one end of the stool and her bottom off the other the only part of the helpless girl actually on the stool was her back. Her arms along with her ankles were tied to the legs of the stool that were under her shoulders, pulling her legs back painfully and leaving her crotch wide open to the audiences view. From her upside down position, she watched in frightened silence as two men got up and walked over to where she lay. She realized from her height that there must be something under the piano stool as she was raised to a point where she was at a level with the men's crotch and the thought confirmed her worse fears as to what they were going to do to her.

“My dear we are so pleased that you were able to come here tonight,” a man who she recognized as the party's host said. “My friends and I are some of your biggest admirers. Not only are we admirers of the talent that you show in your music but we have long admired your beautiful body as well.” “Please let me go,” Bea begged. “I won't tell anyone if you let me go now.” “What and disappoint your audience?” The man said gesturing towards the men and women sitting watching. “I'm sure that you really wouldn't want to do that, would you?” “Please just untie me,” Bea cried, tears beginning to fall from her eyes as the helplessness of her position sunk in. “Oh no,” the man said. “Just consider the ropes as the strings on your violin and you as a lovely musical instrument. Your moans, cries and screams will be the notes of our music as the members of the orchestra,” at this he waved a hand towards the audience, “play your body.” “We are going to add some more strings later but for now these will do,” he continued “But first we have to savour your body as we would a fine Stradivarius.” Taking up a pair of scissors he came over to Bea and cut the straps on her lacy bra before sliding the points between her breasts and snipping the fabric, which allowed it to spring to either side, exposing her perfect small breasts with their small brown nipples to everyone in the room.

Handing the scissors to the man who stood by her legs he reached out and pulled the remainder of her bra from Bea's helpless body. Now she felt the blade slip under the material at the side of her matching panties and felt the material release as it was cut through. “No don't please,” Bea cried out as she felt the fabric on the other side of her panties go loose as it too was cut and then the ruined cloth was pulled from her body leaving her naked beneath the eyes of the audience. Through her tears of frustration and helplessness Bea noticed for the first time the video cameras as they recorded her humiliation. As she dropped her head back, tired from the effort of holding it up she saw that the host had undressed and stood naked with his cock pointing towards her face. Reaching across her he gently grasped her breasts and began to massage them with his hands. “No please don't,” the young girl begged again. The host squeezed her breasts hard and Bea cried out as pain shot through her body.

“That's better,” he said with a smile. I was fed up with hearing the same tune again and again.” Taking hold of her nipples between his fingers and thumbs he pulled upwards and Bea arched her back to try to avoid even more pain. The man seeing what she was doing just smiled at her and pulled harder until she screamed again. “Lovely,” he said. “Music to my ears. Now lets see what you sound like with this in your mouth?” Putting his cock against the young girl's lips he squeezed her nipples again and when she opened her mouth to scream he slid his cock inside and to the back of her mouth making her choke as her gag reflex massaged his cock for him. Feeling every ridge and vein of the cock in her mouth Bea wanted desperately to bite down but fear of what they would do, prevented her. In her upside down position she felt so vulnerable and so open. As the man fucked her mouth she could feel how the way that her legs were pulled back, opened up her pussy to those who sat in front of her. She had never had anyone use her the way this man was. True she had given oral sex to her father on a number of occasions, but this man was just fucking her mouth relentlessly. She was glad that he had pulled back slightly so he was no longer choking her but she could feel him speeding up and realized that he was going to come inside her mouth. “I want you to swallow every last drop,” her attacker warned her. “Spill any and I'll make sure you regret it.” As her mind went into a frenzy, Bea tried to think of a way out of this. She didn't even swallow her boyfriend's cum and certainly didn't want to swallow this stranger's but even as she tried to think, she felt his cock pulse in her mouth and she choked as his hot spunk filled her throat. Ramming his cock up against her throat her attacker held it there as spurt after spurt of hot cum erupted from the end, filling and choking the young girl until she had no choice but to swallow if she wanted to breathe again. Finally he finished and as he pulled out some of the copious amount of cum still in her mouth leaked out and ran down into her eye.

“You'll pay for that later,” the man told her as he used his finger to catch the leaking cum and brought his finger up to the lovely girl's mouth. “Suck it off,” he shouted and in fear for her life Bea opened her mouth and sucked the slimy goo from the man's finger. Applause erupted from the audience as the man took a bow before stepping off of the stage to allow three men to join the man who had removed her panties. All of the men stripped and then took their placed around Bea's naked body as if waiting for a conductor to tell them to begin. Finally Bea felt the man between her legs reach out and run his finger lightly up and down the slit of her pussy. She felt his thumb rest against her clit and felt it begin to make little circular movements as she strained at her bonds, feeling herself aroused despite the fact that she was being used by force. Now the man on either side of her reached out and gently cupped a breast each. Their hands squeezed and released her breasts and Bea began to fear that they would make her come in front of the audience as the man between her legs sped up. Little gasps and yelps escaped the beautiful girl's lips as all three of the men worked on making her reach an orgasm. Bea was thrashing about in her bondage as the two men working on her breasts used the heel of their hands to squash her breasts flat against her chest while the man between her legs just rubbed harder and faster. With a yell that filled the room Bea finally came. It was unlike anything that she had ever felt before in its intensity and as the hands continued to keep her cumming she heard the applause again from the audience and her face reddened in embarrassment. Suddenly both breasts got painfully pinched at the same time and as Bea opened her mouth to cry out she again had it filled with a man's cock. This man slowly slid his cock in and out of her mouth as if he was in no rush to come. Bea could feel another orgasm approaching as the others continued to work her body like the fine instrument that it was. She tried to cry out as she again came but all that emerged was a long moan. The audience however saw her upward thrusts and her shuddered orgasm and again burst into applause. Now she felt the man between her legs push his cock between the lips of her pussy and rub it against the entrance to her treasure. She was slick with her own juices as he pushed harder and she began to feel herself stretch as his cock began to disappear inside her. She still felt super sensitive from the drugs that she had been given so could feel every bump, as his cock stretched her open as she had never felt stretched before. As he forced the last inch into her she winced as she felt it bump against her cervix as he bottomed out inside her. Like the man in her mouth he began to gently fuck her and then she felt the two other men's mouths cover her breasts and start sucking and licking at her sensitive nipples. The feeling was electric. Never had Bea felt this way. All four men had established a slow rhythm that had her constantly on the edge of an orgasm as they used her body for their and the audiences pleasure.

Slowly they began to force themselves on her harder. Now she felt one cock bruising the back of her mouth with every stroke as the other cock banged hard into her cervix making her squeal and jump as they pounded into her. The mouths on her breasts had started to nip and pull at her nipples as teeth closed over them. Bea jumped then jumped again as the point of hurt was constantly changing. Despite the pain however Bea couldn't stop her body responding to the stimulation she was receiving. Tears began to well up in her eyes and she felt betrayed by her body as it began to shake in the beginnings of another orgasm. As her hips thrust up to meet the cock that was trying to force itself even deeper inside her she felt the cock in her mouth stiffen and swell as it began to spray cum down her throat. With her throat blocked she struggled for air, feeling as though she was being asphyxiated as she felt the cock in her pussy stop moving as it's owner began to spray his cum deep inside her. Her own orgasm hit her harder and stronger than any she had previously experienced and even as she began to black out she felt the other two men splatter their cum across her breasts and heard the frantic applause of the audience in the background. When Bea came to she found herself seated in a large wooden chair. Her ankles were tied to the front of the chair and her hands were bound together in front of her. She could still taste the man's cum in her mouth and could feel a trickle of cum escape from her pussy and run down her body onto the chair. The audience were standing around drinking as if this were a natural intermission in the performance but once they noticed Bea was awake all eyes returned to her and the talk died down. The host brought a soft drink over and Bea looked carefully at it before gratefully drinking it down. If it were drugged, she reasoned there really wasn't much she could do about it and she was very thirsty. “Well my dear we all enjoyed the little introduction piece,” he told her. “Now we move on to the main body of the performance, before we finish with a crescendo that should bring you a standing ovation. Mind you I suppose that in your case a standing ovation from us will just mean that you will have to give us an encore,” he continued, laughing at his own joke. At a signal from the man several others came over and untied her from the chair before leading her back to the small stage and to the piano stool on it's platform in the middle. As Bea was leant backwards onto the stool she noticed that she had been cleaned up and that her breasts were no longer coated in cum. This time they didn't tie her down but four strong men held a limb each to prevent her moving as with horror she saw that a line of naked men had formed with the first one standing between her knees, his hard cock jutting upwards.

Dropping her head back she found another line of naked men waiting and realized just what the main body of the performance was going to consist of. She knew that she was about to be gang raped in both ends and was helpless to stop these depraved men from using her. Bea kept her head up hoping to delay the rape of her throat by the men behind her but this meant she could see everything as the men holding her legs pulled her pussy lips apart to make it easier for the man standing between her legs to push his stiff cock into her still tight pussy. She could feel the cock slowly sliding up inside her, lubricated by the earlier rape. Slowly the man kept pushing until his cock was completely buried in her young body and his pubic hair was touching hers. Now the man began to slowly withdraw his cock and then push it all the way back inside her body. Bea groaned at the intense feelings that ran through her as the man's fingers started to rub at her clit and a feeling like a bolt of electricity shot through her body. Throwing back her head Bea found a hard cock waiting. A pair of hands held her head down to stop her moving and the cock was pressed against her lips. She could feel the wetness of the man's precum coating her lips as she tried to stop his entry but a sudden pain as the man between her legs pinched her clit, made her scream until the sound was cut off when the cock was shoved into the warm cavity of her mouth. Now muffled moans and groans were all that escaped the young girl as the two men synchronized their thrusting at opposite ends of her body. Bea felt totally full one second and then empty the next. The man between Bea's legs began to thrust with more force as he neared his climax. His rubbing fingers worked at her clit with an urgency that sent her into a frenzy as Bea was forced to orgasm, her virginal muscles tightening around his cock as she felt him stiffen, before she felt him unload his balls, deep inside her.

As he pulled out Bea felt his cum overflow her insides and leak down her thigh. Another cock was inserted into her vagina and soon it too was pounding away inside her. By now though Bea's attention had switched to the cock in her mouth, which was trying to bury itself down her throat. With her head bent over backwards her rapist had a straight line through her mouth into her throat and he now seemed determined to get the whole of his cock inside Bea. Showing no thought for the pain that he was causing he pushed harder and with a sudden jolt his large member entered the poor girl's throat. As Bea choked from a lack of air she felt the cock pulse as her assailant came deep inside her throat and as he pulled back she found her mouth full of his hot, sticky cum. Swallowing as quickly as she could the young girl struggled to breathe as her mouth filled up faster than she could swallow until it overflowed from her lips and ran down her face.