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Lois Lane

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Karim al-Zib

Lois Lane


The man stepped back from his telescope and rubbed his eyes, then returned to the lens. For over a month, he had been watching the tall building that housed the headquarters of the great newspaper. He had had bugs planted in the offices, and he used the telescope to track the movements of the most important employees while he hatched a plot that would bring his long-time enemy to his knees. For Lex Luthor, this was a very important time to plan. And now, after watching the newspaper offices for over a month, he thought that he knew what he would do. He had his accomplices, who would help him in deceiving their common enemy. Yes, it was going to be so good! So fine!

Lex smiled down at the blonde woman beside him and slipped his arm around her, returning his eyes to the telescope. omehow it all seemed comfortable, and Sophie felt no guilt at this man showing a gesture of absent-minded affection toward her.She basked contentedly, sitting back on the aging springs of the sofa, and pulled a hand crocheted afghan over her knees that had been folded and thrown over the back. Her full stomach and after dinner glass of wine suddenly made her feel drowsy and she took the silent liberty of resting her head on Lex's shoulder.

"You're a hell of a cook," whispered Lex. The master criminal gave her shoulder a gentle nudge. His and felt strong and powerful through the thin fabric of her cotton dress. "T'ank you. And did you like the way I clean your floors?" she asked in her sing-songy Swedish accent, squeezing a little

closer to the man's side. And then, without a word between them, Lex allowed his fingers to slide along the upthrust swell of her breast until his opened palm cupped the full swinging mound of her tit delicately.

He could feel her body stiffen, her breath suddenly coming faster as with one finger, his middle one, he caressed the inviting softness of her breast, rubbing the swollen tiny peak of her nipple through her flimsy dress as he admired the ample, womanly figure she still possessed. She was a specimen of health, her skin tight and resilient, so typical of blonde Nordics, and her shimmering blonde hair showed only one streak of platinum gray. Lex could hear a little purr coming from her lips, and he smiled to himself savoring the effect he was having on her… he had her wrapped around his finger, that was for sure, right where he wanted to keep her. She needed affection, that he knew and in return she would bring him a gold mine if only half of those law suits and insurance policies came to fruition. A lonely woman in a strange country with no man… hell!

He tweaked the sensitive nipple with his thumb and index finger, and she shivered involuntarily from the tip of her toes along her spine to her shoulders. Pausing for a moment, he moved his exploring hand around the firm curve of her breast until his fingers found what he was looking for: with practiced deftness, he eased the zipper down along the satiny plane of her back until he reached the taut elastic band of her panties. He stopped there an instant slipping his fingers between her warm flesh and the tight band, far enough down the hollow of her naked back to reach the first few inches of her fleshy buttock crevice.

Teasingly, he flicked a finger against the tightly puckered ring of her anus and felt her quickly shrink away. Shit, I'll bet old Sandor never poked his prick in there, Lex mused to himself.

He massaged her nakedly sensitive flesh in slow concentric circles as his hand eased back along the smoothness of her back until he reached the stretched fabric of her dress, pulled taut now over her shoulders. Pausing first to unsnap the tiny three hooks of her bra, he then eased the shoulders of her dress down along her arms until the dress hung limply over her whitely firm breasts.

He stopped his smooth seductive motions and looked Sophie over again, eyeing hungrily the rich, womanly full swells and hollows of her well-formed body. Yes sir, she was quite a nice looking woman, all right. Again with his right hand, Lex tumbled the fabric of Sophie's dress and the sheer tissue of her bra over the bulging mounds of her breasts, exposing the twin half-dollars of her fully erect nipples, all pinkish and excited at being exposed to the air and to his eyes. They swelled even more rigidly as a sudden chill breeze caressed them, sending a burst of rippling electricity through her breasts and down into her man-hungry belly, fanning the embers of a long-dormant fire that once burned there.

Yes, God help her, she had been so long without a man, so long she had nearly forgotten the magic of a real man's touch, the thrilling ecstasy of being looked at and caressed this way.