Kathy Andrews

A mother_s love


"Ooo, cock!" whimpered Janice, her eyes closed. "Cock and cunt! Hard, big cock and wet, hot cunt!"

She was in the park a few blocks from her home, concealed in dense shrubbery, her long legs spread around the trunk of a tree. She was pressing her tender little pussy against the rough bark, embracing it as if it were her lover.

Images of enormous hard cocks with hairy balls dangling below them floated in her mind. There were no bodies attached – just the cock and balls. Her cunt boiled with erotic hunger, soaking the crotch of her panties. Her tight jeans pressed against her tingling clit as she pressed hard into the tree.

"Oooo, golly, I want a hard cock!" she whispered to the tree. "I want a big, hard cock up my little cunt! I want to feel a hard cock fucking me! Ooo, I want a fuck so damn badly!"

Janice was very young, with an achingly sweet face. She had huge sky-blue eyes that looked at the world with fresh excitement, yet which had a smoldering quality in them. Her nose was small and straight, her mouth quite large with full, moist lips. She had a habit of licking her lips frequently – especially if she was in conversation with a boy or man. She also had difficulty keeping her eyes from the front of their pants. She loved to see a boy or man in tight pants – so tight she could see the outline of his cock.

Her dark blonde hair was usually pulled back into tight pigtails, making her look even younger than she was. Her neck was slender and her shoulders feminine. Her tits were small, but exquisitely formed. Her tits were firm to the touch, with spongy, creamy flesh and succulent pink nipples. Her waist was small, but her hips were rounding already. Janice had a tight, cute, wiggly little ass that made people drool when they looked at it. The cheeks of her ass swelled out in delightful curves, and her legs were long and smooth. She seemed, in fact, to be all legs.

Janice's cunt was also small, very tight, and always boiling with need. Her cunt lips were chubby, but not fat, and they were very sensitive. Her clit was a bit longer than most young girls' and the tight curls of hair on her cunt were much darker than the hair on her head. This was a source of amazement to her. She didn't understand why her cunt hair was different in color and so much sparser. Blonde fuzz now curled outward from the lips of her pussy, but somehow she knew that as she became older, she would have a very thick thatch of dark cunt hair.

Rubbing her pussy against the tree, she could feel a nice orgasm growing in the pit of her stomach. The sensation was one she loved more than anything else. Coming was fantastic – coming was great – coming was what it was all about!

Janice knew what it felt like to be fucked. She had been fucked three times already, and wanted more cock. The problem was that although she was beautiful, most boys and men wanted to protect her, hold her and cuddle her, but not fuck her. She looked too sweet and innocent to fuck.

No one realized that she was so horny, she could hardly keep her hands off her body, her fingers out of her steamy, little cunt.