Kathy Andrews

Come Meet My Mom


"Ahhh, fill me up!" Sherri Maxwell moaned.

She was on top of Frank, straddling him with her slender thighs. Using the muscles of her thighs, she lifted and lowered her crotch, sliding her cunt up and down his cock. Her flawless, firm tits swayed gently.

"Oh, Sherri!" Frank grunted. "You're so damned hot!"

"Hot for cock!" she gasped, sliding her pussy down all the way, feeling the puffy lips on her hairy coot smashing against his balls. She jiggled her ass back and forth, feeling the deep throb of his prick. "You know I'm hot for your cock, Frank! I stay hot for your beautiful hard cock! Just looking at you, seeing that thing bulge out in your pants, I want to yank it out and fuck you!"

"I know," he panted, his big hands gripping her hips. "I thought you were going to rape me last night."

"Rape your ass!" she breathed. "I'll rape your ass… fuck your brains out!"

"Have at it, baby!"

Sherri pounded up and down, making wet, fleshy sounds when her cunt slapped onto the base of his cock.

Frank was on his back in her huge bed, arching his hips up to meet the wild plunge of her insatiable cunt. His hands dug into her hips, sliding around to cup the twin cheeks of her unblemished ass.

"Ohhh, hold it tight!" Sherri whimpered. "Hold that ass tight, because I'm going to come!"