Kathy Andrews

Coming with mom


It was happening again.

The hunger more powerful, more consuming, more demanding than ever before; the desperate need was flowing hotly through her. It was like a caged beast, a beast that paced and roared within her body, bellowing for release.

A hungry, insatiable beast.


Big, hard, throbbing, beautiful cock!

But young. It had to be young cock. Carol Watkins cunt was bubbling, steaming, about to drive her out of her mind with that intense desire, that greedy need. Her cunt was wet now, slippery and twitching with anticipation. Her cunt was painfully swollen, burning for a touch, a caress, a wet kiss… a tongue. It happened every time she saw a bulge inside a boy's pants, a lump that told her his sweet cock was deliciously hard; And it seemed to her that she was seeing many cocks in that lovely state lately. Every place she looked, there was a young boy with a tasty-looking lump in his pants. It was not her imagination, wild as it was; there was no denying some of the boys had hard-ons.

If only they wouldn't get so damned hard, she thought, so visible. If I didn't see a hard cock, maybe, just maybe, this hunger would go away.

But she knew it would never go away. The hunger gnawed within her more each day, whether she was seeing a hard cock or not. The thought of a prick would set her cunt into a roaring inferno And she thought of cock most of her waking hours.

She watched the boys race up and down the basketball court. There was something exciting about seeing teenage boys in rough play. Their bodies, so young and firm, shining with sheen of sweat, the excited yells and general grab ass they did sent thrills shooting through her.

She had no business being in the gym, watching the practice plays, but no one had ever questioned her presence. No one interfered with her, thinking perhaps, she was the mother of a team member. She was a mother, all right, but her son was not yet in high school. He had a few more months before he entered this school.