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Daughter comes first

Kathy Andrews

Kathy Andrews

Daughter comes first



Diane thought her daughter was appropriately named. She had been watching the changes come over Pepper during the past few months. In fact, she had been waiting for the changes.

Pepper was a small girl, almost tiny. She was delicate, energetic, bubbling with cheerfulness, outgoing in personality. Everyone was a friend of hers, whether she knew them or not.

Pepper was hot. She was like the seasoning, and she seemed to be getting hotter with each passing day. Her curiosity was unbounded on the day she had come running home, so excited she could hardly talk. Her light-green eyes sparkled with delight, and her body actually shook.

She had seen a young couple on the beach, partially concealed by the old, rotting pier. The couple, of course, had been naked. Pepper had seen the girl fondling the boy's cock, and it had fascinated her. To her young eyes, his cock looked like a monster. And she had seen the enormous balls dangling between his legs. Her eyes were huge as she watched them. She had not been close enough to hear more than sighs and gasps, but those sounds, coupled with what she was seeing, had been enough to create a strange feeling between her golden, slender thighs.

She had seen the girl spread her legs without shame and the girl's hairy pussy had fascinated her. When the boy started touching the girl between the legs, it felt to Pepper as if he was touching her that way.

The boy and girl were so absorbed in their desire they never saw Pepper watching. There had been a lot of kissing going on, an awful lot of touching. But the part Pepper had liked best of all was when the boy rolled onto the girl and shoved his enormous cock into the girl's hairy cunt. The girl had yelped in a soft way and wrapped her arms around the boy's back, lifting her legs and locking her ankles about his naked ass. They had squirmed and writhed together as if they were wrestling, but Pepper knew there was more to it than that. She had wrestled many times with boys, but they had never stuck their cocks into her.

She watched the boy's naked ass bounce up and down, hunching faster and faster. His balls swung while the girl clawed at his back, urging him on with mewls and grunts. She did not understand when the boy rolled off the girl and they both lay there, side by side, breathing heavily. It seemed to Pepper that, after such an exciting thing, there should be more than just heavy breathing.

She had run home, her legs shaky, breathing hard. She raced into the house and began chattering to her mother about what she had seen, not making much sense to Diane.

"…put it in, Mother," she bubbled, dancing about with excitement. "I saw him do it! Honest I did!"