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First time for Mom

Kathy Andrews

Kathy Andrews

First time for Mom


My cunt… Eric's cock.

My pussy… Marty's prick.

Joan Lorman writhed on her bed, seeing the images of those two cocks behind her closed eyes. Her cunt was throbbing wildly, pulsating with a desperate need.

There was nothing special about those particular cocks, not really. They were average pricks in size and length. Eric's cock and Marty's cock were the same size as many boys.

No, there was nothing exceptional about those two pricks, except that Marty and Eric were her sons.

That made them exceptional.

That made her want them.

That made her cunt burn with desire for them.

Joan was honest with herself, and she had very little inhibitions to interfere with what she wanted. She was a sexy, lovely woman, very attractive, and she had a very hot cunt. She had always had a hot cunt. She often thought she had been born with a hot cunt. One of her fondest dreams had been of being kidnapped by a prince, being taken to his castle where she was installed in luxury. That luxury included being the playmate of the prince, being subjected to all manner of delicious, erotic things.

Some of her daydreams became so erotic they would have been impossible, but they were certainly a lot of fun to dream about.