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Hot foxy mother

Kathy Andrews

Kathy Andrews

Hot foxy mother


Brenda spread her legs wide, puffing the crotch of her panties away from her pussy. She had bunched her dress around her waist, and lay back on her bed, her head on the pillow.

With her left hand holding her panties away from her cunt, she held the vibrator in her other hand. She felt it humming as she moved it toward her open thighs, and anticipated the sensations she would soon feel. She ran the smooth vibrator along her inner thigh, teasing along her hairy pussy lips for a moment, then placed it against her clit. A shock of pleasure exploded there, and she let out a soft cry.

Dragging the vibrator up and down the silt of her pussy, she mewled as the pleasure increased. Inserting the end of the vibrator just inside her cunt, she fought to hold her hips still, the urge to plunge the vibrator deeply into her cunt strong. Very slowly, she pressed the vibrator inward, feeling the lips of her pussy opening for it. She sighed with delight as the vibrations tingled through her body.

At the foot of the bed she watched her reflection in the mirror. It was not a large mirror, but she could watch herself well enough. She could see the soft curls of her pussy, the wet pinkness of her cuntlips, and her knotted clit, even the curvy cheeks of her shapely ass. She loved to watch herself when she used this thing, despite her preference for a hot, hard cock instead. There were plenty of cocks she could have if she wanted them. The problem was, Brenda didn't want them, and she wanted younger cocks. For some strange reason, she was only really interested in fucking young men.

Maybe it was because she could control them. Maybe it was because she didn't have to pretend shyness with a young cock. Men, most of them, wanted a woman to be reluctant and hesitant, but not boys. Boys didn't know; they were only interested in getting their cocks into something hot and wet. Maybe it was because she felt more comfortable with a boy. Whatever the cause, Brenda wanted young cock and she wanted it badly.

She hated the games adult men and women played, hated the attitudes of men toward a woman once they fucked her. Men didn't seem to understand a woman had desires and hungers and erotic responses just as long as they did. But a boy, jacking off in secret, looking at a picture of a naked woman… that was what excited her. Not because the boy was jacking off, but because she could probably do anything she wanted with such a boy, give him pleasure without being shy or embarrassed.

Brenda had nothing to be embarrassed about. She was tall and beautiful, rich chestnut hair and green eyes. Her body was slender, but her tits were shapely and pointed. She had a small waist with rounded hips and graceful, slim thighs. Her ass smelled out sweetly and made the mouth water. And her cunt… her cunt was juicy and hot and ever so ready to fuck. The dark curls fanned out toward her hips, thick and lush, curling along her swollen pussy lips and licking neatly toward her asshole.

She had men, if she wanted them, plenty of them. But she wanted… Joey!

The name shook her, and the vibrator pulled from her cunt.

Joey was her son, her young son. He was in school and would be home in about half an hour. Joey who excited her more than any other boy or man she had ever known, Joey, her son, who collected colorful magazines of naked women, Joey, who jerked off behind the closed door of the bathroom every day after school, and then at night in bed. Joey, who was jacking off while she used this fucking vibrator!