Kathy Andrews

Hot mom and sis


Kathy leaned under the open hood of the car. She had no idea what she was looking for, she knew nothing about motors. All she knew was that a car, especially a new car, was supposed to run.

She glared at the maze of wire and doe-dads, cursing under her breath. She was sweating in the heat, and that pissed her off even more.

"Sonuva fucking bitch!" she hissed at the engine. "Stan, you cocksucking asshole!"

"You say something, Mother?" Sharon asked, leaning out the window.

"No. I didn't say a damn think," Kathy answered, bringing her head from beneath the hood, banging her fist against the metal. She stepped back and gave the tire a vicious kick.

"Owwww, you bastard!"

Sharon giggled.

"And you can shut up, too!" she glared at her daughter.

She shoved her head back under the hood, trying to make sense of the troublesome engine. She had to do something. Her white skirt lifted on her thighs, revealing golden tan flesh almost to her ass. A small puff of wind lifted it higher, and her pale-green panties were exposed briefly. Kathy ignored it.