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Hot, hot mother

Kathy Andrews

Kathy Andrews

Hot, hot mother


At first, Lisa wasn't sure it was happening.

But the sounds were unmistakable.

She tried for a long time to ignore it, but there was no way she could push aside her excitement.

The cross country bus was darkened, but her reading light was on. She was alone in her seat, as was the man behind her. The other passengers appeared to be sleeping. The bus hadn't been crowded to begin with and now there were hardly half a dozen people left after the many stops.

She sat toward the back of the bus, with the other passengers in front of her. She and the man, a boy really, were the only ones in the back. The rustling had started almost fifteen minutes ago, disturbing her reading. Then she heard the soft sound of flesh sliding on flesh and the soft grunts the boy made.

Trying to peek over her seat without the boy noticing, she saw, between the crack of the seats, she had been right.

The boy had his cock out and was slowly jacking off!

Her breath caught in her throat as she watched him. The head of his cock was swollen and when he pressed his fist downward, it seemed to bulge up, his piss hole opening. Although the reading light was dim, it was bright enough for her to know she had not been mistaken.

Lisa felt the familiar burning sensation between her thighs and her cunt started becoming wet. She twisted her ass on the seat, knowing she should turn back around and let the boy jack off in private. Yet, she couldn't. She was drawn to that cock, drawn to it the way she was drawn to every cock that she saw exposed.

That was the cause of her leaving her husband. Lisa wanted cock constantly, always wanting to try new things with her cunt and a cock.