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Make room for mother

Kathy Andrews

Kathy Andrews

Make room for mother


Laura opened her legs a little more.

The sun coming in through the window was hot on her thighs, on the tight crotch of her bikini panties. The heat was nice; it made her cunt feel very good.

She lay sprawled across her couch, one arm resting lightly on her stomach, the other above her head. Her eyes were closed, and she felt drowsy. The fantasies kept whirling through her mind, becoming more and more erotic, more impossible. It amused her to imagine such crazy things, such painful and absolutely impossible positions her body could be twisted into, all of them lewd, very lewd.

Laura was a lewd person.

Laura was a wanton person.

Laura wanted to fuck.

Laura did fuck, but it was all in her mind. In her mind, using her wicked imagination, everything imaginable was done to her, to her body, and she did everything to her dream partners. In her fantasies, she could hold and stroke and caress a big cock, toy with hot, full balls. She could lick at them, kiss them, taste them. In her mind, she could do anything she wanted to do. No body knew about it but her. And it was so much fun.

The moist heat of her cunt excited her. She loved it when her clit knotted and swelled and pulsated so deliciously. Sometimes she could come in her fantasies, and then come for real.

She liked her fantasies because in them she could do anything she wanted to do, anything at all. She could be depraved, get wild, used and abused and use and abuse. But Laura didn't like those words, used and abused. In her way of thinking, she couldn't be used or abused by a person with a lovely, long, thick, very hard cock. She could only enjoy, enjoy to the fullest.