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Making Mom Suck

Kathy Andrews

Kathy Andrews

Making Mom Suck

Chapter 1

Judy glanced at her son as she wheeled the heavy car along the stretch of highway. It was after noon and they'd had lunch about fifteen miles back. There were still over a hundred miles to go. She had picked him up where he had been staying with her ex-husband three hours ago. As usual, there had been an argument between her and her ex. This time, thank God, it had been mild.

On each side of the highway, as far as the eye could see, there was nothing but desert – sand, sage brush, yucca and Joshua trees. It was desolate country, hot and dry.

But it suited Judy.

No one bothered her. She lived alone in a fifty-year-old house with her son, Johnny, when he wasn't staying with his father. He stayed with his father two weeks each year, and usually there was an argument between Judy and her son when it was time for him to go. Johnny didn't want to visit with his father, he wanted to stay home with her. Judy was not the one forcing him to go, it was the courts and her ex-husband.

Make me do it, please!

Force me! Tell me to do what you would like!

The words tumbled through her mind, almost incoherent in her need. There were other ways to do it, certainly, lots of easier ways. But Judy needed to be told, forced, made to do things like a small child.

Judy had seldom enjoyed sex, fucking, except for when she was made to do it, forced into it. If she was forced into fucking, she went wild with desire, a burning, consuming passion that could create almost the ultimate in erotic pleasure for her and her partner.

But force was the key.

Force was the way to get into her panties.