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Mom get her licks

Kathy Andrews

Kathy Andrews

Mom get her licks


Julie was wearing old jeans and a baggy sweatshirt as she struggled to rid the alley of weeds. The tall wooden fence was in good repair, but filled with knotholes. On the other side was her home, with a large expanse of lush lawn and shrubbery.

Despite the old jeans and sweatshirt, it was obvious Julie was a beautiful woman. She was on her knees, leaning over and hacking at the stubborn weeds with a dull scythe, the faded jeans stretched over her beautifully shaped ass. She could hear the twins playing on the other side of the fence, their giggles and, secret whispers comforting her. Becky and Ben were her joy, her pride. They had been the only thing that held her together when her husband had been killed almost two years ago.

They were a strange pair, she thought, wiping sweat from her forehead. They seemed more secretive than other boys and girls, spending most of their time together. At an age when boys considered all girls hardly worthy of their attention, Ben doted on his twin sister. Julie had heard or read someplace that twins often were that way, much closer than a brother and sister of similar ages. She looked at the remaining weeds, frowning because she still had almost five feet to go before the end.

She was leaning dawn to hack away again when the cock came poking through a large knothole in the fence. A gasp rose in her throat.

It had to be Ben's cock; he was the only boy in the back yard. For a moment she felt anger, then a flush of embarrassment. She opened her mouth to yell at her son, and couldn't speak.

Something unexpected happened to Julie as she stared at the boy's cock. There was a sudden eruption of wet heat between her legs, a feeling of impending orgasm. She had not felt that sensation since before her husband had been killed.

The cock was hard, and she stared with glazed eyes when it was wigged up and down. Her son's cock was thicker than she would have suspected, and about five inches long. The cockhead was very smooth, very swollen. The sun glinted on the cockhead, and she saw moisture there. Her tits felt full and hard, straining against the old sweatshirt.

The cock was about two and half feet from her, level with her face. Julie made a soft whimpering sound in her throat as her mouth became watery. She couldn't help it. Her mouth always became watery when she saw a cock. It had been that way, at least, with her husband. Sometimes she wondered if anything was seriously wrong with her because of that…

She had married her husband knowing next to nothing about cock or fucking. He was the first to fuck her, and she had found what she had been missing. She had surprised them both with the violence of her orgasms, something they had delighted in. Julie came very, very easily. Within a week of her wedding, she found she could make herself come in a variety of ways: swinging her crossed knee, pressing her thighs together, and even fantasizing about hard cock.