Kathy Andrews

Mom loves it outdoors


The scent of lemon filled the air. The groves were in full bloom. Susan loved this time of year more than any other. The scent of lemon, the flower or the fruit, always made her feel erotic.

Enjoying the scents, though, was not the same as enjoying the tingling flesh of another – a man to share her wanton joy. Over a year had passed since her husband had been killed in an accident, and for a while, she had coped, but now the groves were in bloom, and she was having a difficult time. Walking through the grove now, her cunt became very moist, getting wetter with each step.

She remembered how she and her husband would sneak away from the house in the evening, carrying a blanket, and beneath the lemon trees, undress and clutch each other. He had enjoyed the lemon scent as much as she and his cock would rage with hardness on those unforgettable evenings, bringing her to orgasm after orgasm. But now she no longer had him, had no one to share her desires with.

She paused near a tree, poking her nose into a blossom and inhaling deeply. Why the scent of lemon did these wonderful things to her body, she didn't know, and she didn't care to find out why. She simply wanted to enjoy it. The strong scent in her nose sent a wild, lurching sensation to her pussy, creating a throbbing hardness in her clit, almost as if she were on the brink of orgasm. Moaning softly at the delicious feeling, she stood smelling the blossom, fondling her tits through the open neck of her skirt. She felt her nipples strain with bursting hardness.

Feeling wonderfully wicked, she opened the shirt to let the sun kiss the creamy softness of her firm, shapely tits. Her nipples perked upward, tilted with tingling hardness. She started rubbing her fingers lightly along the seam of her tight, ragged old shorts. They had been at one time a pair of jeans, now faded and worn. She loved them because the seam pressed so perfectly against the slit of her cunt, crushing her throbbing clit. Her husband had loved to watch her wear them, and at his suggestion, she cut them very high so her lovely ass could be seen. But he wasn't there to see her beauty now. No one was around to see her beauty to enjoy her bubbling hungers.

Susan was thirty-two years old, much too young to be a widow, and especially a widow with steaming desires that were very hard to control. She was tall, slender and very lovely. Her hair was dark, almost a bronze color, and her eyes were unusually blue. Her face could grace the cover of any magazine, and her body was what boys and men dreamed of, waking up with a gushing cock in their hands. She knew she was beautiful, but she accepted it. She did not flaunt it, nor was she vain about it. Having two children had not left a mark on her, and she did not have to watch her diet or exercise to maintain her wet-dream body. It was a body to be shared, to enjoy, to take delight in, a body that loved to be touched, caressed, made love to. Susan was very receptive to touch, to sight. Her husband had shown her she had hidden hungers, and had opened her up until she had little, if any, inhibitions with him.

Yet they had been careful around Ginger and Toby.

Her and son had never caught them, never seen the wild, delicious things they did with each other.

She thought of them, walking slowly through the lemon grove. Toby, growing fast, was the oldest by a year. It amused Susan as she watched him try to imitate his father, to be the man his father was. He was an energetic boy, always working in the groves. He was not much help yet, but in a few more years he would be working the groves like a grown man. He was starting to gain muscles, his voice recently changing to a deeper tone, still shrill at times, then unexpectedly dropping into hoarseness.