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Mom peeks on her kids

Kathy Andrews

Kathy Andrews

Mom peeks on her kids


Five young boys stood in a circle, and each had his pants around his knees.

Sarah Taylor, trying to keep them from knowing she was there, watching through the shrubbery, was amazed but not shocked to see her daughter Judy on the ground in the middle of them. Each of the boys had a hard-on, and they were jacking off as they gazed at Judy.

Judy, her young eyes glazed in passion, looked from boy to boy, her gaze darting from cock to cock. She lay on her back, legs up and knees spread. She had pulled her skirt to her waist and had opened her blouse. Her hard, flawless little titties were exposed to the boys. She still had her panties on, but the crotch of them was pulled up tight, outlining her cunt. Her pretty ass writhed as she looked from cock to cock.

Sarah stooped in the bushes, watching them. She could not deny the rumblings of excitement in her body, nor the wet heat throbbing between her thighs. Her tits had become almost painfully swollen inside her lightweight summer sweater, and her perky nipples strained at the material. Her tits heaved up and down as she panted as softly as she could. She did not want to frighten any of the boys, especially not Judy.

Judy's blonde curls, highlighted with gold flecks by the sunlight coming through the tree tops, spread around her head. Those huge blue eyes appeared glazed over as she moved her head about, trying to watch all five boys as they jacked on those hard cocks at the same time. She had a small hand clutching one tit, the other hand moving up and down the inside of her smooth, satiny thigh. Sarah watched as Judy's fingers came close to her pantied cunt, as if teasing herself by lightly touching her crotch, then back on her thigh again.

Turning her attention to the boys, Sarah looked at the far side of the circle of those young pricks and then gazed at the tight and very naked asses nearest her. There was no denying the erotic appeal those boys had for her, nor the appeal of Judy's sweet body in the middle.

Going to her knees in the bushes, Sarah was fighting to keep her breathing as silent as she could. The ground was rough on her bare knees, but she didn't feel it.

"You gotta take your panties off, Judy," one of the boys gasped. "You promised to show it to us."

"I will," Judy gurgled in a soft but excited voice. "I'll show it to you. But I wanna watch you guys play with yourselves a little while first."