Kathy Andrews

Mom_s loving ways


Denise sat in the bleachers, watching her son Robert race up and down the court, bouncing the ball, then leaping and tossing, never missing the basket.

Robert was either very good or very lucky, she thought. Knowing nothing about sports, and caring less, she usually attended all the games anyway. Robert wanted her there, as did her daughter, Cindy. Most parents went to the games, so she performed her parental duties. Although she didn't care anything about sports, she enjoyed seeing the young guys in their shorts with those tanned, muscular legs.

She was watching practice today, not a game. A few weeks ago, Robert had invited his mother to watch a practice session, and she had seen some cocks flashing frequently. That had excited her so much she seldom missed a practice session now. During the games she had never seen a cock flash; the boys always wore jocks. So she watched every practice in the hopes of seeing more cock. She was seldom disappointed. When she saw the flash of a young cock, a sweet chill of delight ran up her stomach, her cunt closing. She liked the feeling especially when it was very strong and she would almost come.

Denise loved to come.

She loved the come in any way possible, by any method possible. Her cunt was hot, very hot. And each practice session she attended, her cunt was even hotter. She would choose a place to sit about halfway up the bleachers, pull her skirt just over her knees and place her elbows on them, then cup her chin in her hand and watch the guys. Her knees were usually parted enough to allow a boy to look up at her, peer between her knees to the shadowy view of her panties. Denise always pretended she didn't know they were looking at her.

At the far end of the court, a group of girls pranced and danced and yelled enthusiastically. This was the cheerleader squad and Cindy, her daughter, led the cheers. All the girls were young, fresh, and very beautiful. The girls were the prettiest in the school, as if chosen for their beauty alone.

Cindy, with her honey-blonde hair bouncing as she leaped and twisted, screaming loudly, was the picture of eroticism in motion. A tight school sweater hugged her tits. Her short skirt, pleated in alternating gold and white colors, flounced about her hips. Cindy's long, sweetly tanned thighs flashed, and her pretty little ass writhed. Some of the routines they went through were never used during a game. It was easy to see why; they were highly suggestive, seemingly designed to arouse the basketball team.

When Denise glanced at the girls, she saw one pretty, dark-haired girl leap into the air, her back arched to make her tits thrust out. The skirt flew to her waist, and Denise gasped. She caught a quick glimpse of her cunt hair. The girl was not wearing tights! She was naked under the skimpy costume.

Denise saw her son racing toward the end of the court, bouncing the ball. As he approached the net, he leaped high into the air and tossed the ball. If he made a basket, Denise didn't know. What she did know what that her son, also, was naked under his white and gold shorts. His cock flopped out, swinging about, then disappeared from her view as his feet came back to the floor.