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More, Mom, more

Kathy Andrews

Kathy Andrews

More, Mom, more


Susan moved down the rows of canned goods in the big supermarket, shoving her partially filled basket. She was aware that her scantily clad body drew the eye of men and women alike, and it sent a tingle of pleasure through her.

Susan was thirty-two, with wavy auburn- colored hair. Her pale blue eyes were unusual in a woman of her olive-skinned complexion. It was also an erotic attraction. Her flawless tits strained against the white of her thin blouse, the nipples making twin buttons, seen by all. The white, very tight shorts outlined her sweetly curving ass, the slightest view of her cheeks on display. From the front, her pussy was delightfully outlined.

It was the way she enjoyed dressing. She enjoyed being looked at, speculated about. It was part of her very strong sexual nature.

Susan had always been a hot-assed female,ever since she had begun high school years ago. She did not deny this part of her; she enjoyed it, was unashamed of it. Dressing in such revealing clothing, having men and women look at her, kept her hairy cunt in a constant state of twitching, pulsating pleasure.

Behind her, lagging along in a sullen pout, was her son, Billy. She paid no attention to him, but she knew her son was disturbed about something. What she did not know was that he hung back deliberately. Billy loved to look at his mother's body, to fantasize about it, to jack off with visions of his mother in his mind.

Stopping at the vegetables, Susan began selecting a few of them for dinner that night. As she leaned over, her curvy ass arching deliciously, she could feel the eyes on her. Excitement bubbled hotly in her body as she reached, lifting one leg and shoving her sweet ass out a little further. As she straightened, she turned her eyes over her shoulder to see the effects this had been on a man down the aisle… and saw her young son gazing at her ass. For just a moment she felt a slight shame, but it evaporated quickly. She noticed the front of his pants, and understood that he enjoyed what he was looking at. His cock was almost hard, his hand inside his pocket trying to conceal it. A fierce, burning sensation ran through her body, roaring between her longthighs, her cunt almost exploding. She stood rigid for a long, breathless moment, looking at his cock and understanding the desire he showed in her body. Excitement filled her stronger than ever. Finally she managed to turn and start down the aisle again, knowing her son was gazing at her ass.

By the time they had gone through the check-out counter and loaded the car, Susan was so agitated with desire she thought she would come. Sliding under the wheel, with her son at her side, she could not resist running a hand along the inside of her creamy thigh. Seeing that Billy saw her do this, she giggled and stuck her tongue out at him.

Billy blushed slightly, but watched his mother's hand move along her thigh, then to the steering wheel.

When they arrived home, Susan knew that Billy had a throbbing hard-on. It was standing against his pants in full outline, and she loved the sight. Even the head of his cock was outlined, and she was surprised to see it was larger than she would have thought.