Kathy Andrews

Mother with the hots


The water was slightly above 100 degrees Fahrenheit.

She sat in it to her neck, feeling the sensual heat wash about her. Leaning her head back on the deck, her arms up, Marilyn sighed in pleasure.

Around her were the tall pines and the green, rolling hills. There was even a small stream a few yards away. Birds chirped and sang in the tree branches.

And Marilyn's cunt was hotter than the water.

She was naked as usual. She loved to sit in the hot tub on fine spring days and especially enjoyed being outside without clothes on. It gave her a sense of freedom and, she admitted to herself, a glorious feeling of wickedness. No one could see her – they were miles from any other home here in the foothills. No one ever came around, not even hunters. There was no game here to attract them and the only road nearby was the one leading to their home.

Marilyn had gotten this house in her divorce settlement, along with alimony for two years. Also, she had custody of her son, Donny. Her ex-husband had not fought very hard and for that she was glad. The divorce had been almost friendly. But any love she had for her husband was long gone, as his was for her. As usual, they never learned what went wrong.

Six months was a long time for Marilyn to do without a cock. If she had her choice she would fuck every day – morning, noon, and night. But now she had no choice. She did, however, have her hands and fingers.

As the early afternoon sun burned down onto her, she shoved a hand along her swelling, shapely tits just beneath the hot water. Her flesh was very smooth, like satin. Cupping her tit for a moment, she squeezed the firmness, feeling her nipple press into her palm. A tingle of pleasure rippled down her stomach to her cunt and she felt her clitoris swelling.

Moving her hand downward, she ran her fingers through the bushy thickness of her cunt hair. Parting her thighs, she probed lightly upon her knotted clitoris, sliding her finger down and into the slippery tightness of her pussy.