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Show me more, mom!

Kathy Andrews

Kathy Andrews

Show me more, mom!


Hearing the shower running brought back the old memories Wendy still enjoyed thinking about.

It reminded her of cock… a big, beautiful, hard cock.

Her father's cock.

The first time she had seen her father's cock, she had been inside the shower, the curtains drawn. Exactly why her father had come into the bathroom knowing she was there, Wendy didn't know. He had never given any indication he desired her, wanted her sweet, nubile body.

Wendy, in those days, had a body that turned heads. Even now, in her mid-thirties, heads turned as she walked, admiring the subtle sway of her rounded, compact ass and long legs. Those same heads watched her approach, some leering at the thrust and shape of her firm, wide spaced tits. She had enjoyed the eyes then, and she enjoyed them now.

Tall, honey-blonde, blue-eyed, with flesh like satin, Wendy had an inner glow that showed the world she was proud of her beauty, but not vain. She knew men lusted after her, and even sonic women. She didn't mind; she enjoyed it. Although she had never been promiscuous, she was very selective in her sexual partners. In this day and age when bed was the nearest place for a first-time date, Wendy was still somewhat of an oddity. Many women her age had a different lover each year, but Wendy had not.

It was not because she had no interest in sex; she had a very deep, very powerful, interest in sex. She was a hot-blooded woman, a very hot blooded woman. Her cunt bubbled often, drenching her panties to the point where she had to change them two or three times a day.

Her last lover had also been her husband. He was the only man she had fucked for years, and had been thoroughly satisfied with him. But she no longer had him. It had been one of those silly, stupid mistakes on a rainy night on a lonely, slick road, and she was an instant widow. A widow with a young boy to raise, a son that looked so much like his father, it was unbelievable.

When her father entered the bathroom as she showered those many years ago, Wendy discovered what that fire inside her body meant. It had been there for some time tormenting her, but she had no idea what to do about it, didn't have an idea what it meant.

Until her father came into the bathroom.