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Spread, auntie, spread

Kathy Andrews

Kathy Andrews

Spread, auntie, spread


Lori Holmes was very excited.

It had been a surprise when her sister had called her just the day before, asking if she could leave her son and daughter with her for a week. The notice had been short, but Lori was quick to agree.

This is a dream came true, Lori thought.

She had allowed the young boy and his sister to stay with her last summer, and those few days together still caused her cunt to twitch with pleasure even though they had not fucked then.

Lori was in her mid-twenties, unmarried, but had enjoyed the company of a man two years older than her. She had no desire for marriage but craved sex. She liked Marty well enough, but she wasn't in love with him and no way would she marry the man. He was tall, good looking, and had a beautiful cock – a nice, thick, very long cock. That was all that was important to Lori, his cock… or any cock. Marty knew this and accepted it. Lori was a fantastic fuck, uninhibited, and more than willing to do anything to feed that burning desire within her tall, slender body.

Lori was a beautiful young woman. She attracted men more than the average woman. Yet she didn't really enjoy that much of a variety. She was selective in her men, very selective. In the past ten years, she probably had not fucked more than ten men. But one thing she knew, those ten men had enjoyed the time of their lives while with her. All of them had gone away happy, well-satisfied, knowing they would search for a long time before finding another girl with such hungry sexual desire.

With her chestnut hair and blazing blue eyes, her thin, small nose and wide mouth with moist lips, with her slender neck and straining tits, tits that were almost, but not quite, pointed, she was a true classic beauty.

At the moment she had just come out of the bathroom, her gorgeous body wrapped in a huge, soft towel. Marty was still on the bed, smoking, almost exhausted from the wild, frenzied fucking she had just given him. He sprawled with his head on a pillow, looking at her.

Lori gave him a wicked wink as she stood before the mirror, shaking out her long hair with her fingers. The reflection of her was in his view, and he watched her shapely tits rise with her hands. The towel, short enough to begin with, lifted just past the sweet curves of her swelling ass. Lori stood with hr legs slightly apart, and Marty saw the long curls of her cunt between them.

Lori's thighs and legs were long, very long, smooth as they could be, creamy in color and texture. Her hips were not large, but fit her body perfectly. Her waist, he knew, could be spanned by his two hands.