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The family next door

Kathy Andrews

Kathy Andrews

The family next door


Laurie Long watched the boy next door as he ran the power mower back and forth across the green lawn.

She was sitting on the steps of the porch leading into her home. She wore a bikini halter and a pair of yellow shorts. Her long chestnut hair fanned her creamy shoulders as her dark eyes watched the sweat glisten on his chest and arms.

Her gaze followed the naked thighs of the boy, and she caught a glance of his crotch now and then. He was wearing a pair of old swimming trunks, and the liner had been removed. She knew it had been removed, because his cock was outlined by the thin material.

Laurie had seen his cock half an hour ago. He had squatted to pull some clogged grass from the machine, and the head of his cock peeked at her. That quick peek of his prick caused her cunt to quiver in hot wetness, and she anticipated seeing his prick again.

The nipples inside her bikini top were like hard rubber, tingling against the material. Her cunt was encased in the tightness of her yellow shorts, and she pressed her thighs together, creating a delightful pressure on her burning cunt.

She had been watching Ray for the past few weeks. She did not know exactly what it was that drew her to him. She knew she was hot to fuck the boy, but she was usually hot to fuck any boy. There was something about Ray that appealed to her, and perhaps it was because he was a few years younger than she was. Perhaps it was this age difference that made him so appealing.

Ray's brother, Jack, was the same age as Laurie, and he was different. He was bold and often aggressive, and he had made a few passes at her. She liked Jack as much as she liked any boy, but it was Ray that drew her.

Laurie had dated Jack, and when they were at the drive-in movies, she never stopped him when he shoved his hand between her smooth thighs and felt her cunt. He had often thrust his finger into her pussy and fingerfucked her to orgasm, and she had eagerly and hotly jacked his cock off, making him squirt cock-juice into the palm of her hand. But for some reason, they had not yet fucked. They would, she knew, and soon.

Anyway, it better be soon, she thought as she watched the teenaged boy next door. She wanted a cock so bad sometimes, her cunt felt as if it had actually been set on fire. She knew what a cock felt like thrusting into her cunt; she knew what fucking was. Her experience was limited, but she had been fucked by three boys, and she had loved fucking from the first.

Those times Laurie had given Jack a handjob in the drive-in movies, she had closed her eyes and pretended it was Ray's cock in her fist. She had tried to visualize Ray's prick throbbing excitedly in her hot, eager fist, the precum from his piss hole smearing her fingers.